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A lengthy theory on the nature of the Elements of Harmony, based solely on the given facts that the Elements of Laughter and Love utilize Chaos magic.

In addition to the two known Chaos Elements, Laughter and Love, the Element of Hope also runs of Chaos magic. All three are wild and almost impossible to stop with logic alone. Laughing in the face of danger, hoping against all hope, and any number of things associated with love are all downright chaotically insane.


But as Discord said, Harmony needs Chaos and Order to stay balanced. Enter the three Law Elements: Honesty, Loyalty, and Truth. Unlike their wibbly-wobbly counterparts, these three are concrete. They deal with facts and words with little-to-no wiggle room or grey areas. Either you are, or you aren't.

But wait, what about the other three?

The "final" three Elements, The Elements of Kindness, Generosity, and Friendship(works better than Magic for this) exist solely to bring joy to others' lives. They don't wander particularly far into the realms of Order or Chaos, and thus don't upset the balance of those six Elements, but they are definitely at a noticeable extreme of a certain other scale. As you can probably already guess, my belief is that these Elements utilize, for lack of a better term, Good magic.


But remember, balance in all things. That means there are more Elements.

Specifically, the three Evil Elements; the Elements of Hate, Betrayal, and Terror.

These three should be considered Elements of Harmony in only the strictest sense. They do not work well with the others. They do not particularly like the others. In fact, their sole purpose is to counteract not just the Good Elements, but the other six Elements as well.

Why, you might ask?

Because balance in all things, even balance. When the majority of active Elements work together, as they have been since Discord was first kaput, they can do pretty much anything they want. Sound balanced? No? Didn't think so.

That's where these rabid puppies come in. Each one is used to whack out a different set of Elements.

Betrayal ends Loyalty, shattering Trust and rendering Honesty meaningless.


Hate breaks Friendship, burns out Kindness, and drains Generosity dry.

Terror strangles Laughter, crushes all Hope and when strong enough can even rend Love asunder.

Yeah, they balance out against balance. It's that deep.

And you know what else? All three of them have been right under our noses since Chapter 3. Hate turned The Doctor into a psycopath and Cheerilee into a walking plant shop of horrors, Betrayal struck out against Loyalty everywhere and made not one, but two ponies go against their allies (even if one didn’t want to and the other was too stupid to know at the time), and Terror brought to Ponyville a curse worthy of its Element, unleashing death itself upon the unsuspecting ponies. The Masky Ponies are Elements of Harmony, striking out against the Elements of Harmony to bring Harmony back to the Elements of Harmony by breaking the Bearers of the Elements of Harmony so the real Elements of Harmony can stop working together and return to Harmony.

The main problems with this are 1) Everypony likes the current massive imbalance towards Good, and 2) Slendy hates Harmony of all kinds and is manipulating the isolated Evil Elements just to watch the world burn.

To tie everything together, I've even figured out who the dark (marginally blacker?) human bearers of the Evil Elements are. Grey Mann is Terror, with his robot army and willingness to work with a Slenderman, the Administrator is Hate because fuck the Administrator, and Betrayal is held by the most despicable backstabber in the history of creation: Engie's ex-wife Irene.

  • Alternatively, the Masky Ponies are the dark sides of their elements, in which case the "light" evil elements would likely be distributed thusly:
    • Betrayal goes to Mitta for going against her town when she realized they make Discord look like a gentleman and a scholar
    • Terror goes to the Doctor, and if you need to ask why, go watch "The Pandorica Opens" again.
    • Hate is still the Administrator because fuck the Administrator.

The Mysterious Hoody Pony is actually...
  • Masky Pegasus
    • Not only did it fail with not one, but two Nightmares on its side, it also ended up being captured by the ponies. The other Maskies made it pretty clear what they thought of a failure like that by refusing to help it escape, so it would be little wonder if they outright turned it away once it broke itself out. Especially if they were still laughing about Nightmare Cuddles and had not yet seen his true form.
    • Given the generally sociopathic tendencies of the Maskies, this would easily have been grounds for a spiteful Heel–Face Turn. The only problem would be that the good guys would probably kill it on sight, especially after seeing Nightmare Cuddles' true form, so it would have had to hide behind a red hoody and help the ponies from the shadows. Ditching the mask might have been symbolic, or because the Masks have some connection to Slenderman.
    • Jossed. There's a Masky Alicorn that, if the blog is any indication, is a traitor to Slendermane.

There is actually a good reason for Nightmare Moon giving all the Light Elements of Harmony Nightmares...
  • ... and that is to prepare them mentally for the memories they will get from the Dark Elements of Harmony. Think, the Team Fortress gang are nothing like the creatures of the MLP universe, they are dark and bad things have happened to them, they themselves have done bad things. The nightmares given to them by Nightmare Moon are so bad that any horrible memory they get from their Dark Element counterpart will not scare them and give them nightmares. Medic is always telling Twilight 'If you don't want nightmares, don't ask about my past.' even knowing that when they fuse together their memories will be shared to an extent. Twilight has already had the most terrifying nightmare she will ever have so any nightmare she might get from the Medic's memories will pale in comparison and she won't be as crippled by them.

Engie will build a mechanical hoof to replace Rarity's missing leg
  • This is because A) it was technically his fault, and B) she's his counterpart, and having a pony equivalent of his Gunslinger would reinforce that.
    • Confirmed in Chapter 30.

Actually, it's Celestia's fault that Sunnytown killed it's residents after acquiring their cutie marks.
  • Think about it: It was made clear in the fic itself that a case of cutie pox that ended in death scared the residents into believing it to be a spreading disease that could cause the death of all ponies in Sunnytown. Now add that it is a place in the Everfree Forest, secluded from the outside world without any connection to other towns. So, scared straight, not having any information on the case, they decided to kill ponies that get cutie marks because it was (as they pieced together) caused by having a cutie mark. This went on until Ruby got her cutie mark at the Summer Sun Celebration, and in the following events gets hunted down and killed. Celestia visits them on that day, witnesses the murder, and every reader should know the rest. Let me repeat: Celestia knew there is a town in what is the equestrian equivalent of nowhere, not being able to grasp everything they've done, being in fear of being killed by a disease they had no information about whatsoever, Celestia did nothing years ago to enable communication, and then curses the entire town into spiraling down to madness years after. This also makes everything Grey Hoof did to save his lover and friends unintentionally seem more sympathetic, even though the fic itself wants to make it clear that he was acting out of selfishness all along.
    • Word of God: No. Celestia was unaware that Sunnytown even existed until she received an invitation to visit their town. She knew nothing of them, of their problems, and of their blasphemous actions until she witnessed Ruby's murder. Grey Hoof is simply an unsympathetic lunatic who's only interested in his own benefit.

David Tennant is not a code name.
  • The Facility-verse equivalent of Doctor Whooves is the actual David Tennant!

All the mercs have been hurt by the Elements of Harmony they represent in some way.
  • Spy TRUSTED the nazis and they ended up invading his home town and raped his mother to dead, Heavy showed KINDNEESS to a little bird and got beaten by his commander, when Scout killed the French-Canadian rapist he stared to LAUGH madly.

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