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Trivia / Waking Nightmares

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  • During March 17, 2014, KnightMysterio's ask blog was hijacked by The Cheshire Cat and is answering questions in Knight's stead. The issue was eventually resolved after twelve hours.
  • Actor Allusion: Dr. Adrian notes that Cheese Sandwitch reminds him of a young Weird Al.
  • What Could Have Been: Word of God states that Discord was originally intended to be the Big Bad, but the author liked how his reformation was handled enough to shift villain focus over to the current Slendermane-Gray Mann storyline.
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  • KnightMysterio has had a bad history with scammers, which is why he hates the Fim Flam brothers so much to make them worse than they are already in canon.
  • Recursive Fanfiction
  • The pony/mercenary fusions were not inspired from Steven Universe's Gem Fusions. As a matter of fact, the author has only watched the show about a year ago (as of May 5, 2016), and has been writing fusions in long before then.

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