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Both Film and Play

  • Dr. Pomatter holding Jenna and her soft speech about it afterwards. It's also a borderline Tear Jerker.
  • Jenna teaching Dr. Pomatter to make a Lonely Chicago Pie.
  • Dr. Pomatter's gift for Jenna and the "Shut Up" Kiss she gives him when he tells her he's falling in love with her.
  • Jenna's reaction to seeing her baby face-to-face.
  • Joe's gift to Jenna before he dies.
    "To my only friend. Start fresh."
    • Joe dancing with Jenna at Dawn's wedding
    • Joe reading Jenna's "horoscope" after he finds out about the affair, telling her she's better than that.

Film Only

  • Jenna tells Cal she's pregnant; he says he knew already and won't fire her. As long as she can carry a serving tray and make pies, she's good to go.

Play Only

  • Dawn's song about all her fears about going on a date, because of how relatable her worries are.
  • The nurse not telling anyone about the affair. She's snarky about it but gives Jenna the advice she came for about her baby.
  • Joe leaving Jenna full ownership of the pie shop. Cal (a renamed Jim from the movie) doesn't even mind that his former waitress is now technically his boss!
  • Ogie and Jim teaching Lulu some basic mathematics.



  • At the Broadway show, there was a large plaque dedicating the show to Adrienne Shelly and her legacy. Aww...
    • For that matter, the fact that much of the dialogue in the musical (as well as some of the song lyrics) is directly from the movie. Adrienne's incredible storytelling truly lives on.

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