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Heartwarming / Waitress

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Both Film and Play

  • Dr. Pomatter holding Jenna and her soft speech about it afterwards. It's also a borderline Tear Jerker.
  • Jenna teaching Dr. Pomatter to make a Lonely Chicago Pie.
  • Dr. Pomatter's gift for Jenna and the "Shut Up" Kiss she gives him when he tells her he's falling in love with her.
  • Jenna's reaction to seeing her baby face-to-face.
  • Joe's gift to Jenna before he dies.
    "To my only friend. Start fresh."
    • Joe dancing with Jenna at Dawn's wedding
    • Joe reading Jenna's "horoscope" after he finds out about the affair, telling her she's better than that.

Film Only

  • Jenna tells Cal she's pregnant; he says he knew already and won't fire her. As long as she can carry a serving tray and make pies, she's good to go.

Play Only

  • Dawn's song about all her fears about going on a date, because of how relatable her worries are.
  • The nurse not telling anyone about the affair. She's snarky about it but gives Jenna the advice she came for about her baby.
  • Joe leaving Jenna full ownership of the pie shop. Cal doesn't even mind that his former waitress is now technically his boss!
  • Ogie and Cal teaching Lulu some basic mathematics.