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Down with the recipe and bake from the heart

Sara Bareilles, the one responsible for Waitress's song and score, is also the one behind such hits as "Love Song" and "Brave", and her abilities shine through here.

  • Opening Up introduces us to the three waitresses and we learn about each of their lives: Becky is complacent with her life although she wouldn't call it a "happy end", Dawn enjoys the routine of her life, whereas Jenna finds each day being the same as the one before monotonous.
  • I Didn't Plan It is a passionate rebuttal by Becky of Jenna's judgement over her affair with Cal, during which she soulfully says a "good mistake needed making", and even though she knows it isn't right, it's a least something for her to feel in her non-abusive but otherwise unhappy marriage.
  • Take it From an Old Man is a sweet little song Joe sings to Jenna during Dawn's wedding as they dance. During the song, Joe, established as a Grumpy Old Man, implores Jenna to see her own potential, and that he sees "somethin' good tryin' to break through". The song finishes with Joe stating that if she lacks the strength of her own, to hold out her hands and "take it from an old man".
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  • She Used to Be Mine. Having reached her breaking point, Jenna breaks down and laments all the choices that have led her to where she is now; alone, trapped in an abusive marriage and pregnant with a baby she doesn't want. The song peaks with Jenna reflecting on the person she once was; reckless just enough, tough with a fire in her eye, before slowing down as Jenna says she isn't that girl anymore.

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