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Heartwarming / Vickie Guerrero

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  • Her frog splash at WrestleMania 26, not only paying tribute to her husband, but doing it despite looking absolutely terrified at being a good fifteen feet in the air.
    • Just before she does it, she points to the air, as if to say, "This is for you, Eddie."
  • Vickie's currently getting to pursue a lifelong dream of hers - no, not wrestling, going back to college for a degree in medical administration.
  • Ending her WWE run on a high note, which is both this and a Moment of Awesome; she finally stood up to The Authority after Stephanie made the mistake of saying she rode Eddie's coattails, reminding Stephanie that the Guerrero name is just as renowned (if not more) in pro wrestling as McMahon, accepting the match with the most shrill "EXCUSE ME!" she's said in years (and likely the only one that's gotten a Face pop), and coming out to her late husband's iconic music. Even after getting "slopped" and fired by Steph, Vickie, much like The Big Show after he got canned, realizes she has nothing left to lose and tosses Steph into the muck as well, and caps it off with a classic "Latino Heat" shimmy to a standing ovation and chants of "Thank you, Vickie!"

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