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  • Creator's Pet: Vickie was reportedly one of Vince McMahon's favorite performers due to his friendship with Eddie. She was Put on a Bus in 2009 for a while and this was de-emphasized after she returned. Helped by Teddy Long being the one in charge and Vickie only being the "official consultant" which limited what she could do.
  • Designated Villain: She often came across as this from time to time. Mostly whenever it came to the face wrestlers making jokes about her weight. (Hiya, Rock.)
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  • Fridge Brilliance: Whether it was appearing in FCW to support her and Eddie's daughter in the business, showing little patience for disrespecting a deceased legend similar to how Eddie's name was treated after his death, or punishing a man for hurting her in ways Eddie never did even at his worst, such as cheating on her with the wedding planner or leaving her for the crazy girl she already hates,note  her moments of crossing the Face–Heel Revolving Door all had something or another to do with her late husband Eddie Guerrero. Even her final Heel–Face Turn and exit moment maintained the same pattern—she was punished, humiliated, and fired by Stephanie McMahon because Roman Reigns pulled an Eddie on Stephanie's drink, and in the end Vickie bit back on her way out and celebrated with a final tribute to Eddie.
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  • Hollywood Homely: Many a joke was made about Vickie's weight or unattractiveness or "Granny Panties." However, quite a few members of the audience (particularly those of a similar age), found her quite alluring. This made her unattractiveness something of an Informed Attribute as well as the horror male wrestlers were supposed to show at her romantic attentions somewhat confusing. They seemed to zigzag between this, as Vickie was referred to as a 'cougar' by other wrestlers, and she wrestled in a swimsuit in a battle royal (and it was not portrayed as Fan Disservice).
  • Hollywood Pudgy: During the start of her regular run on TV (not long after Eddie's death), she indeed gained quite a bit of weight. She slimmed down over time, but there were still a high volume of on-screen jokes about her weight (usually from the similarly overweight Jerry Lawler).
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  • Periphery Demographic: Although she was minimally involved with the Divas (save for a couple of months managing LayCool) she had a large following of Diva fans. Diva Dirt eventually started including her segments in their weekly recaps of the programming.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: As noted below, she was despised as a character when she was initially pushed as a top heel. WWE then decided to play up her annoyingness — complete with a shrill "Excuse Me!" becoming her Catchphrase. One can point to 2010 as when this trope kicked in. Notably in a ladder match, she tried to climb the ladder on behalf of Ziggler. The crowd who had been booing her immediately chanted "let's go Vickie!" - showing that she had entered Love to Hate territory.
  • Unexpected Character: When WWE held the first women's rumble at Royal Rumble 2018, a lot of classic women's performers of past eras returned, many of which were predicted by the fans- but nobody expected Vickie Guerrero at #16!
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: The treatment from Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Triple H in regards to her position as the Managing Supervisor circa 2013 made her like this even more. She was advised by each of the McMahons to listen to each of them, which made her distraught and confused. At a later job evaluation — filled with mean-spirited jokes and the voting of the WWE Universe saying she did a poor job — Stephanie fired Vickie on the spot, putting her to tears. In a separate backstage segment, Vickie was leaving, but Ryback comforted her and gave her a hug, saying that she deserved better. It got to the point that the company themselves acknowledged this enough to let Vickie end her career on a Heel–Face Turn in 2014, pulling a cathartic The Dog Bites Back on Stephanie after she sadistically fired her again.
  • X-Pac Heat: She started out getting this, but she eventually started drawing more heat than any other wrestler, diva, or backstage personality in WWE (with the possible exception of Michael Cole). Even when she was associated with then-crowd-favored heel Dolph Ziggler, she still got epic boos. Her final appearance averted this, but it was against Stephanie McMahon, who at best fits the Love to Hate trope as well.

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