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Heartwarming / Vanishing Act

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  • Shizuka's Stand springing out on a reflex to save Shiho's life, helping a stranger she has never seen before today. Because she had no choice but to act.
  • Shizuka having a flashback to a birthday fishing trip with her dad. Their bonding is incredibly adorable.
  • Shiho standing up for Ryuji when the members of the track team continue to look down on him.
  • Soon after starting Futaba's Palace, Akira takes the time to chat with Futaba through her door to try and get to know her and build her trust. After a few visits, she feels confident enough to speak to him directly instead of just through text messages.
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  • Akira spending the day with Caroline and Justine in the real world, taking them to the arcade and giving them the first presents they've ever had in their whole lives. It becomes even sweeter with Caroline calling Akira by his name instead of just 'inmate.'
  • Shizuka’s butler Simmons paying his first visit to Leblanc while she and her friends are on Haru’s yacht, resulting in him and Sojiro bonding over a variety of similarities, from their roles as surrogate fathers to having to learn different languages.
  • Shizuka admitting to Makoto that she has feelings for her. While Makoto says she needs time to think it through, she remarks that she is very touched by Shizuka's affections.
  • When Morgana starts to express that he feels obsolete with Futaba on the team, and that his deal with Akira has become obsolete, Akira assures him that he's planning to help Morgana find his memories. Deal or otherwise.
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  • Makoto giving Shizuka The Big Damn Kiss after defeating the Chemical Brothers and telling Shizuka she's willing to date her.
  • Though Jotaro isn't excited by the idea of the Phantom Thieves, mainly due to their age, he backs down after thinking back to Josuke and his friends, and then Kakyoin.
  • Shizuka comforting Makoto after Sae has been threatened with a fake calling card. She messes around with her new powers, her tricks managing to make Makoto laugh.
  • Stuck holding off an incoming wave of Shadows in Sae's Palace after Akechi causes her to undergo a psychotic breakdown, and uncertain if they'll make it out okay, Ryuji takes the time to bury the hatchet with Morgana. Morgana says that for all Ryuji's faults, he's still incredibly loyal and dependable, so there's no way the two of them will lose.
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  • Despite grappling with everything that's just happened, and learning the truth of the Phantom Thieves, Sae tells Makoto that their dad would be proud of her, and what she's fighting for.
  • After the chaos at the hospital, Akira and Futaba get a moment alone. He tells her how much he cares about her and asks her to be his girlfriend.
  • In the aftermath of her battle with Mr. A, Shizuka gets a heartwarming reunion with Jonathan Joestar, her adoptive and birth parents in her brief jaunt through the afterlife. And they're quick to tell her just how proud of her they are.
  • Minato's reunion with SEES. Yukari and Aigis' reaction is to embrace him tightly.
  • Minato relaying a message to Jotaro from Kakyoin, telling him that his death wasn't his fault. Jotaro is visibly relieved.
  • Minato's revival is permanent. At first, it looks like he's going to go back to being the Great Seal once Yaldaboath is defeated, only for him to appear in Tokyo alongside the others once the world is restored, the Where Are They Now epilogue even mentions the Arditi going on a mission while visiting him on his birthday a year prior. After nearly a decade caught between worlds in and fending off Erebus, he's free.

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