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One of the Arditi will die.
  • As per JoJo tradition, Any One Can Die. The death will serve as a painful reminder about how dangerous Mr. A and/or The Conspiracy really is.
    • Given that he's meant to be a Caesar/Kakyoin Expy and a descendant of the Zeppeli family, things don't look too good for Sergio.
    • Semi-confirmed so far. Akechi died, as much as he can be considered a member.
    • Jossed however for Sergio himself, who becomes the first Zeppeli in history to evade his hereditary curse.
Dio will have something to do with Mementos or Yaldabaoth
  • This sort of guess is to be expected, but there's a reason for it. Dio's "Peace of Mind" speech from Stardust Crusaders is eerily similar to the whole mess with Mementos. And since Yaldabaoth is an Expy for Shin Megami Tensei's incarnation of tyranny, it would be appropriate to add Jojo's incarnation of tyranny and evil as well. Bonus points if it's somehow a Shadow Dio.
    • Jossed.
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