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  • Shizuka's first proper Stand battle, taking on a hired mercenary known as Yngwie. His Stand can't be harmed through conventional means, as it can regenerate as long as there is concrete connected to it. So she leads his Stand to a construction site, uses her powers to temporarily blind him, and then pummels his Stand against the sandy ground until she shatters it apart. And then she turns her attention to the user...
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  • When Shiho sees that the track team members are still willing to look down on Ryuji, even after Kamoshida was exposed and after he proceeded to expose Yamauchi, she loses it and flies into a biblical "The Reason You Suck" Speech to get them to apologize for how they treated him.
  • The Persona awakening scenes are awesome in canon, and Shiho's is quite impressive too. After seeing a cognition of herself in Kamoshida's dungeon, some kind of willowy, cowering slave girl, she gives into her anger and her drive for revenge. She refuses to run from her problems and wants to take them head on. Starting by kicking Kamoshida's ass.
  • How Akira bests Madarame's Shadow. He gets Morgana to generate a powerful cyclone that sucks in three of Madarame's floating paintings, and with them all gathered in one spot it makes it easy for the guys to Goomba Stomp them into submission.
    • Shizuka distracting Madarame's phys-immune mouth portrait by hurling insults at it, leading it away from the rest of the paintings.
  • Makoto's awakening gets to one up her canon one by a minor margin. With Shizuka pinned beneath an oni and being smashed into the ground, Makoto punches it in the face hard enough to nearly break its jaw. Before she even removes her mask.
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  • Ryuji has the distinct honor of being the first Phantom Thief to use a Persona in the real world, summoning Seiten Taisei to save Shizuka against Time in a Bottle.
  • Shizuka punching Haru's fiance in the face when he tries to forcibly take Haru by the hand, and then telling him that trying to call the police or sue her would go badly. The kicker, however...
    "If you ever come near Haru again, it'll be with the utmost respect and courtesy. Get me? And it should go without saying that if I ever see so much as a fucking hair out of place on her head, then I will find you, and when I do... They will never find your body. Understand?"
  • Futaba awakening her Persona, going a step beyond canon when Necronomicon's Combat Tentacles spear Cognitive Wakaba's arm to shield Futaba from her attacks.
  • Naoto versus Lars. On the outside, it's a man using paper to sword-fight a pixie-sized warrior. Despite this, or perhaps, because of it, it's an intense fight. Naoto wins points for quickly grasping Lars's abilities... and then deciding you Never Bring Superpowers To A Gun Fight.
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  • Shizuka catching not just one, but four bullets meant for Okumura, screwing up the Conspiracy's plans big time and making a blow to Akechi's ego.
  • The end of Shizuka and Makoto VS the Chemical Brothers. Once Makoto figures out how Unforgettable works, Shizuka knocks out Kotaro's earplugs. The two then rush the brothers.
    • At the same time, Shiho deduces how Miwa's stand works, and sets her up for defeat using her volleyball skills.
    • And after Miwa's defeat, Aoyama shows up to hold the exhausted Akira at gunpoint... and then:
    (Jotaro smashes Aoyama with a Stand Rush during the stopped time, which to Akira looks like he simply exploded)
  • Shizuka using Houdini Eclipse's light manipulating powers to out-cheat Sae, rigging the dice game in the Arditi's favor without having to do any behind-the-scenes tampering like in canon.
  • Joker giving Akechi a No Holds Barred Beat Down for everyone he has hurt, including Futaba and Haru. In Futaba's case for murdering her mother and very much destroying her emotionally from that, and for Haru he nearly murdered her father. He very nearly kills Akechi in his anger.
    • Made even better by Akechi taunting him earlier and claiming that his bonds make him weak. Akira rapidly cycling through multiple Personas, all based on an arcana of his allies, to blast through Akechi's defenses and flatten him serves as a particularly satisfying Shut Up, Hannibal!.
  • For as horrifying as things start out for her, Shizuka manages to gather her resolve and shoves Death 13 out of her mind so she can overpower the nightmares he conjured for her.
    • Following this, the confrontation between the Phantom Thieves and Death 13.
      • To be more specific, after Death 13 has had the Arditi on the run for the entire fight, Shizuka creates an illusion of Kakyoin, causing Death 13 to freak out and giving her the chance to steal his scythe, and slam him into the ground so hard that he gets his own crater.
      • Even better, after shes finished beating him around Death 13 tries to counterattack only to be interrupted by Futaba busting out of the floor and smacking him into a wall, having escaped his traps by tunneling under the Palace. And to top it off, she announces her entrance a la Jonathan Joestar.
    Futaba: Death 13, I'm back from Hell.
  • Shizuka VS Lars. Shizuka manages to hold her own for a brief period, but Lars quickly starts to overwhelm her, and tanks everything Shizuka throws at him. Then, using a little guile, she plays possum and lures him into a propane explosion.
    • Haru corners Bloody Sunday's user and quickly overpowers him, making it clear that she's going to force him to cough up the stolen pieces of her father's soul.
    • Josuke's Big Damn Heroes moment, showing up to save Shiho and Ryuji from a grisly end.
  • Satoshi's rampage through Club Ravana to clear the way for the Arditi. He even scores a small hit on Mr. A, though he doesn't survive it.
  • During the battle between the Arditi and Okabe, Shizuka is able to take advantage of his Stand's powers and use them to her benefit.
    • Drafting Yusuke to help her create a fake hole in the wall for her to escape out of Sing you Sinners' range so she can find a way to stop him.
    • And find she did. Shizuka comes back with, of all things, a can of spinach. Immediately after eating it, she bursts with energy and, in an action that would do Popeye the Sailor proud, gives Okabe an uppercut so hard it sends him flying out of the building.

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