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aka: Vampirina Ballerina

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The show's gothic inspiration does not detract from how sweet it is. For example,

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  • The basic message of the show is pretty inspiring. It's about encouraging people to embrace who they are, and that its okay to be different and stand out. That message is something that will resonate for years to come.
  • Vee is just a ball of adorable with her determination to help others out. Her relationship with her parents is also of note.
  • While Vee doesn't want Edgar to expose her families as vampires on his video channel, she actually doesn't mind hanging around with him, realizing that he is a good person on the whole. Good thing she did, as he decide not to expose her family in his video channel.

  • "Going Batty":
    • When Edna, Poppy and Edgar's mother, gets scared of the creepy happenings in Vee's house and runs off, Poppy, Edgar, and Bridget check it out. Of the three, Poppy is the least reluctant, and is actually most willing to check out the house to see what Vee is like as a person.
    • After Vee accidentally scares her in bat form and then explains, Poppy immediately accepts her for who she is, and helps hide the truth from her brother.
  • "Scare B & B":
    • Though Edna was initially scared of the house, the fact she goes to stay there at the Scare B & B shows that, even with what happened, she still wants to be a good neighbor.
    • The ending has her getting along with the two vampires staying over. Even if they don't know who they really are, it's nice to see her bonding with vampires.
  • "Vee's Surprise Party":
    • This episode involves a surprise party for Vee where she entertains the guests. However, her horror themed party scares everyone except Poppy away. When they find out everything is just pretend (although the audience knows it's real), they then put together a video about why they like Vee. So sweet.
  • "Plant Mayhem":
    • Yes, she may have been grumpy, but despite thinking it's not worth it to help humans, Gregoria still helps Vee calm the snapping plants down for her sake. The ending where she inadvertently gets praised for her efforts.
  • "Mummy Mayhem":
    • Sure, she shouldn't have taken him out of the museum, but it's sweet of Vee to bring King Pepi home to help him feel special. This makes the ending sweeter, where he realizes he's special upon realizing how others look up to him.
  • "Little Terror":
    • What's Vee's motivation for babysitting? She wants to be a good older sibling in the future. Talk about maximum sweetness!
    • There's a really sweet moment in the climax where Vee, Bridget, and Poppy sing a lullaby to the hyperactive Nosy.
  • "Super Natural":
    • Seeing the entire family helping to hide Demi from the ghost chasers just shows how strong their bond is.
  • "Vamping Trip" has two:
    • Vee and family showing off vampire constellations to Poppy is nice.
    • Vee, Poppy, and Edgar play together in the end after finally finding an activity they can all enjoy.
  • "The Monster Snore" has a few:
    • Matilda is essentially the Lambie of this series, right down to being voiced by Lara Jill Miller.
    • Once Bridget finds out that she's nice, she does not hesitate to help her. Their bonding moment at the end is nice.
  • "Bone Appetite" has a few moments like this:
    • Chef Remy Bones may be slightly snooty, but he is genuinely intent on helping out Oxana please the food critic.
    • The ending where the critic likes the new food he and Poppy made is also pretty nice.
  • "Woodchuck Woodsies":
    • Poppy and Bridget never give up on helping Vee fit in with the Woodchuck Woodsies.
    • Though Vee messes up many times, Edna only lightly tells her what she's doing wrong.
    • Vee gets her first badge at the end.
  • "Hide And Shriek" is just one big heartwarming tribute to Bridget. With Bridget struggling to find a hiding spot, Vee never gets annoyed with her, instead encouraging her throughout. They even sing about her being braver than she is. When Vee and the others can't find her, they're scared at first, but calm down by being brave like Bridget.
  • "The Little Witch" is quite the heart warmer. It involves a young witch named Phoebe wanting to be seen as a great witch due to how famous her parents are. It's very sweet to want to see her make her parents proud. The ending seals it where they're not mat at her even when she accidentally turned them into squirrels.
  • "Vampire Weekend" takes great care in emphasizing Vee and Poppy's friendship. The constant support they show each other, even when messing up during the body swap, is quite touching.
  • "Ghoul Girls" is another gem. It involves Vee's favorite band, the Scream Girls, coming to visit and putting on a show. A few things stand out:
    • Vee's fangirling of the band is quite adorable.
    • The fact that the band is not only nice to the girls, but they even give them band lessons, and even offer to be their opening act.
    • The ending stands out where, but they're about to be exposed, the girls step in to perform with them.
  • "Game Night" has a few moments like this. It involves Vee holding a Transylvanian game night with Poppy and Bridget with a game called Skelly Run, but they have a hard time keeping up.
    • Though Vee didn't completely think things through, she at least has the intent to entertain. Notably, Poppy and Bridget at least try keeping up with her, and they do manage to play a more low key, but still fun, game.
    • Sure, it was misguided of Boris to watch over Vee during game night when she can handle herself, but you got to admire his dedication.
  • "Oldie But A Ghoulie" really dwells into Vee and Gregoria's relationship. It's given some weight to it when we see how she's like a surrogate parent to her, making their desire to get back together much stronger and more meaningful.
  • "Cuddle Monster" is definitely one of the cutest episodes. It involves a cuddle monster named Buttons wanting to be seen as scary, but she's still cute even trying to be scary. A few things stand out:
    • Buttons is just brimming with adorability from her insecurities to her desire to be seen as serious
    • While the others attempt to teach her how to be scary, no one scolds her when messing up
    • The climax of the episode has Buttons comforting Bridget when the latter gets scared from seeing floating eyeballs coming out of a chest. It's quite adorable to see them bonding, and the group hug seals it.
  • "Nanpire The Great" gives a great deal to showcase how great Vee and her Nanpire's relationship is. The episode involves Vee's grandmother Nanpire coming to visit, and help her make a special goulash for a school potluck. Vee doesn't want to show that she doesn't remember the recipe, and pretends to show that she remembers it to show that she still has her Transylvanian roots. When things go wrong at school, Nanpire tells her that she didn't have to hide his she felt since family is there to help. The song really sells it.
  • "Vee Is For Valentine", taking place on Valentine's Day, would fill this trope. There are plenty of standout moments, such Vee giving Ghoulentine's to her friends and family, but the ending takes the cake. She gives Edgar her Valentine, which has a spooky description and is moderately pink, which makes him truly happy on Valentine's Day for the first time. Also, Gregoria getting Ghoulentines is both this and funny.
  • "Scarestitute Teacher" shows quite a bit of complexity to Vee and Oxana's relationship. The latter becomes her substitute teacher when Mr. Gore is away. The problem is how she goes far in her Transylvanian methods. What makes it work stems from Vee's sincerity in not wanting to hurt her feelings, and making sure the class is happy, while the latter just wanted to connect with her more. The song really sells it.
  • "Mummy's Day" is pretty much an 11 minute tribute showcasing how awesome mothers are, particularly with Oxana.
  • The ending of "Home Scream Home" really shows this. Vee thinks that she's not a true Transylvanian, but Poppy, Bridget, and The Scream Girls tell her otherwise.
  • Much of "Vampire For President" greatly dwells into the friendship that Vee and Poppy. Vee thinks that she can't be a good enough class president that lives up to Poppy, while Poppy assures Vee she doesn't have to measure up to her. The ending helps enforce this as Vee goes to support her, while Poppy gives her the presidency since she knows she has better ideas.
  • "Franken Wedding" definitely excels in showing what true love really is, whether its Vee's dedication in making sure Frankenstein and his bride's wedding goes off without a hitch, or them assuring her that a wedding that doesn't go as planned doesn't matter since they still love each other.
  • "The Birthday Broom" definitely shows how strong Vee, Poppy, and Bridget's friendship is, whether its the latter two's dedication to getting her a gift, or the former not hesitating to save them from an out of control broom.
  • "The Ghoul Next Door" ends with Edgar making a new friend who shares his interests in monsters. Drake didn't hold it against Edgar for thinking he was a vampire.
    • Vee didn't feel too bad about not getting a vampire friend, since she's perfectly happy with the (human) friends she's got.
  • "Dia De Los Muertos" really seals the deal when Vee manages to meet her Uncle Dieter when he's brought back to life. The fact he's proud of Vee for all she's done really sells it.
    • Seeing Chef Remy Bones so happy to meet other skeletons.
  • "The Ghoul Guides Save the Day" ends with Edgar putting his friendship with Vee above his desire to expose the Monster World.

  • You ever wonder why Mr. Gore, Vee's teacher, is so nice? Chris Nee based his character on that of her 6th grade teacher, who would surely be touched.

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