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Recap / Vampirina

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Recap page for Vampirina.

Season 1:

  1. Going Batty/Scare B&B
  2. The Sleepover/Portrait of a Vampire
  3. Vee's Surprise Party/Vee Goes Viral
  4. The Plant Predicament/Mummy Mayhem
  5. Little Terror/Super Natural
  6. Vamping Trip/The Monster Snore
  7. Bone Appetit/Woodchuck Woodsies
  8. Hide & Shriek/The Little Witch
  9. Vampire Weekend/The Bird Who Knew Too Much
  10. The Ghoul Girls/Game Night
  11. Oldie But a Ghouldie/Beast in Show
  12. Critters!/Cuddle Monster
  13. Batty Fever/Poetry Day
  14. Nanpire the Great/Two Heads Are Better Than One
  15. Vee is for Valentine/Scarestitute Teacher
  16. Look Who's Scared Now!/Dust Bunnies
  17. Vampirina Ballerina/Treasure Haunters
  18. Mummy's Day/Dance-lvania
  19. Acrobat Boris/The Lemonade Stand
  20. Hiccupire/Uncle Bigfoot
  21. Fangless/Transylvanian Tea
  22. Home Scream Home
  23. Countess Vee/Frights Camera Action
  24. Hauntleyween/Frankenflower
  25. Nanpire and Grandpop the Greats/There's Snow Place Like Home

Season 2:

  1. Vampire for President/Where's Wolfie?
  2. The Woodsie Way/TNN
  3. Franken-Wedding/Bat Hair Day
  4. Baby Dragon/Gloommates
  5. The Ghoul Next Door/Scare B & Vee
  6. The Birthday Broom/Vee Takes the Court
  7. Scare-itage Day/The Great Egg Scramble
  8. Desserter Mystery/Mirror Mirror
  9. Beach Night /Gregoria Takes Flight
  10. Big Bite/Ghost Host
  11. The Boo Boys Are Back/Pixie Problem
  12. Face The Music/Fright At The Museum
  13. Vampiversary/Wolf Boy
  14. Bat Got Your Tongue/Haunted Theater
  15. Trick Or Treaters/Play It Again Vee
  16. Jumping Jack O Lanterns/Freeze Our Guest
  17. The Vamp-Opera/This Haunted House Is Closed
  18. Dia De Los Muertos/As You Wish
  19. The Scare Counsel/Taking Scare Of Business
  20. The Hauntley Girls/The Not So Haunted House
  21. A Gargole Carol/Deliver-eeek!
  22. The Great Esmeralda/Frog's Breath
  23. Oh Brother/The Search For Bigfoot
  24. Au Revoir Remy/School Scare Fair
  25. Ghoul Guides Save The Day

Season 3

  1. Weekly Normalness/Vampire's Luck
  2. A Key For Vee/Art Galler-eek
  3. A Ghoulish Tour/Training Wings
  4. Nosy's Day In/ Sincerely, Blobby
  5. Double Double Halloween Trouble/The Creepover
  6. Phantom Of The Auditorium/Memoreek
  7. Weekend With Grandpop/Haunted House Call
  8. The Critter Fair/Mirror Monster
  9. Bust Friends/The Invisible Fan
  10. Remy's Recipe/Vampire Chaperone
  11. Fang Ten/Science Rocks
  12. Aw Shucks/ Family Scairlooms
  13. Chrysalis Amiss/ Bringing Down The House
  14. Bat To The Future/Gregoria Gets Down
  15. Vee And The Family Stone/Twin Trouble
  16. Bora The Banshee/A Tale Of Two Hollows
  17. The Fright Before Christmas/Scared Snowman
  18. New Century's Eve/Bridget The Brave
  19. Hauntley Home Movies/Little Drummer Girl
  20. The Magic Howl/Edgar The Ghoul Girl
  21. April Ghoul's Day/Monster's New Bed
  22. Making A Splash/The Spelling Vee
  23. The Curious Case Of The Giggles/International Treasure
  24. Daddy's Little Ghoul/Chef Remy's Green Thumb
  25. Home is Where the Hauntleys Are

Alternative Title(s): Vampirina Ballerina