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Headscratchers / Vampirina

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  • How are Vee and her parents able to go around as their normal vampire selves (blue skin, fangs, and all) without anyone asking if they are vampires or not?
    • For the fangs and hair, they probably just think it's a stylistic choice. Regarding the blue skin, a lot of the times when they come into contact with humans that aren't Poppy and Bridget, they tend to be either within area of the sun or some type of lighting. When in front of lighting, they may appear to have light skin.
  • When you boil it down, Vee doesn't really exhibit a lot of the stock vampire tropes. She doesn't drink blood, sleep in a coffin filled with the soil of her homeland, have a compulsive habit of counting things, and can enter any building without having to be invited in. And I get this was done to make the series more family-friendly, but unless she and her family have been afflicted by some new strain of vampirism, kids are gonna have very muddled views on vampires if they ever plan to watch a classic vampire movie.
    • This is handwaved in "The Ghoul Next Door". Drake not having things like blue skin isn't enough for the Hauntleys to rule out the possibility of him being a vampire because vampires "come in all shapes and sizes". It's possible there are vampires who fit the classic description but they're fewer than the classic movies suggest.
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  • In the Dia de los Muertos episode, the ghost of a skeleton is seen. How are skeletons able to become ghosts?
  • After watching "Home Scream Home" again, i have to ask: what are the rules for werewolves in this universe? Future episodes imply that wild werewolves are, well, wild, and live in packs somewhere in Transylvania's forest, but this one shows four of them have the smarts to form a barber quartet. What gives?

Alternative Title(s): Vampirina Ballerina