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  • HMH Dunkirk offering to hold Leah Cohen's hand when they skydive (which almost ends up breaking his hands when she forgets to let go), and calling her a hero with a respectful look on her face when Duncan talks about her like a weapon.
    • Dunkirk again when Duncan once more treats Leah like a thing instead of a person and Dunkirk laments that he's no longer able to punch people like Duncan. Echoed later when he apologizes for cursing in front of Leah, saying he doesn't like to use bad language in front of ladies. He's one of the few who treats Leah like a human after her transformation.
  • The fact that until his death Churchill continued to stand defiant against the Nazis, even as he's tempted multiple times to shoot himself out of despair. And that's not getting to him facing imminent death with dignity.
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  • While her methods of doing so are awe-inspiring at best and horrifically gruesome at worst, Katyusha's dedication to protecting and helping the nice elderly peasant couple that takes her in is sweet in its own way.

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