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  • Patrick O'Connor inventing a name for himself, the closest to a superhero title the series has seen: Colossus.
  • Siegmund finally succeeding in his plan, which he began as soon he discovered his Uber potential. The reader can retroactively recognise Siegmund's self-training and ambition by remembering his extensive practice with his disruption halo in his spare time. Siegmund assassinates Hitler in revenge for the Fuhrer's real-life military incompetence, all while making it seem like an accident.
    Siegmund: After everything, I can't possibly believe in a god, but I still hope for a hell.
    • Almost as satisfying is Siegmund casually revealing this in Uber Invasion #13 to the Allies, almost as an afterthought in his first POW interview.
  • Katyusha Maria wiping the floor with the Soviet forces sent against her.
  • Churchill facing down Sieglinde as she towers over him. Also a bit of a Tearjerker.
    Churchill: Get a move on, girl. We haven't got all day.
  • Siegmund laying down a brief yet satisfying beatdown on an enraged Markus, remarking that for all the latter's talents at butchering unarmed prisoners, he had no hope of winning an equal fight.
    • Of course the moment is kinda ruined by the miraculous appearance of what seems to be a resurrected Hitler.
  • The Allies finding a severe flaw in the Heavy-class Uber to dominate a fight in Hamburg. Physically enhanced tank man simply kick out the Panzermenschs' vulnerable kneecaps, then leave them stunned for Ubers with battle auras to disintegrate.
  • Maria destroying an entire squadron of Ubers with a look, leaving a massive crater in Kursk with nothing remaining but large blue crystals inside.
    • And then wiping the floor with the Nazis yet again at Kiev, badly wounding Sieglinde and transmuting an entire river into ice and steel during the first allied Battleship vs Battleship victory in the series.
  • Quiet, bookish Alan Turing turning out to be an Uber and defeating Conrad the spy by vaporising his eyeballs.
  • HMH Dunkirk as the first Allied destroyer in action. He uses his tremendous speed and strength to retrieve two injured Ubers from the middle of a battlefield, all within range of several Blitzmensch and TWO Battleship-class Ubers.
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  • When an Uber attacked the High Command, the last surviving member managed to kill the assassin. That Sole Survivor turned out to be General Patton, now an Uber.
  • Invasion Issue 7: The Zephyrs, a new type of Uber with an emphasis on Super Speed, successfully killing Siegfried. After everything he'd done, it's immensely satisfying to see his luck finally run out.
  • Invasion Issue 9 has the Brenner Pass engagement, one of the more bizarre fights of the war, where the Allies simply crush the Germans.: Leah gets literally thrown into action again, kills one of the two German cruisers responsible for crippling her, reduces the other to a limbless torso and POW, and throws out a V-for-victory sign towards Sieglinde in the distance, just to add salt to the wound.
  • Invasion Issue 16: After the Soviets decided Katyusha outlived her usefulness and tried to have her assassinated in the previous issue, it turns out that she survived the attempt on her life and is naturally pretty pissed off. So what does she do? She repays the Soviets in kind, demolishing the Kremlin and killing Stalin before taking on the role as protector of all Russia.

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