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  • Catharsis Factor:
    • Invasion #7 has Siegfried finally bested in battle by a crew of Zephyrs and dying via Cruel and Unusual Death.
    • In Invasion #9 Leah is able to gain a small taste of vengeance for being crippled at Calais and the death of HMH Dunkirk, managing to finally get her hands on the two German Cruisers who were responsible and ripping them to literal pieces.
    • In Invasion #16, after all the From Bad to Worse of the series, it's truly inspiring to see Maria surviving her attempted assassination on Stalin's orders, killing Stalin, and dissolving the Soviet Union.
  • Complete Monster: Über is a dark Alternate History Deconstruction of Stupid Jetpack Hitler where the Nazis have used alien technology to create super soldiers (the titular Übers). While no side is truly good, the following characters manage to stand out:
    • Adolf Hitler himself shows his true colors by murdering the officer behind the Über project by letting Markus melt him, all because the man didn't tell Hitler until the project was ready. Besides ordering horrible, inhumane experiments, death camps and war crimes, Hitler prolongs World War II by trying to make sure "everyone else loses," having his forces intentionally target civilians as he endlessly sends his own troops into the meat grinders, believing that he alone is Germany.
    • Joseph Goebbels shows that far from being a mere Propaganda Machine, he possesses a greater capacity for evil than anyone thought. After the death of Hitler, Goebbels has an empowered human modify his face via plastic surgery to resemble the Führer, first having dozens, if not hundreds, of luckless souls serve as the guinea pigs so she can reluctantly "hone" her sculpting ability. Upon his ascension, Goebbels announces the war effort will be ramped up and the only option the enemies of the Reich face are capitulation or immolation. This culminated in Goebbels invading the United States, unleashing two battleship-class Übers upon East Coast, leading to catastrophic deaths and the complete annihilation of Washington, D.C.
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    • Among the Nazi Übers themselves, Markus "Siegfried" Jung is the worst—and one of the most powerful. A sadistic psychopath fully devoted to the Nazi regime, Markus, while a child, once murdered a Jewish man for fun, growing up into a savage war criminal who targets civilians in his attacks. When the Red Army is defeated at Berlin, Markus executes thousands upon thousands of prisoners before resuming his place on the front lines where he leads his men to more war crimes. Markus initially spearheads the invasion into America, attacking Washington, D.C. by annihilating the White House and recrafting it into a gigantic swastika. Markus proceeds to lay waste to all in his path in America, killing soldiers and civilians alike. Vile enough that even when dying agonizingly, his fellow Über Siegmund coldly leaves him to his fate, Markus misses no chance to show why he is Hitler's favorite soldier.
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  • Critical Research Failure: The Germans killed 3.3 of the 4 million Soviet POW they captured during the war, yet the comic treats the massacre of another million (captured during the Berlin Uber Counter-Offensive) as uniquely heinous. This is likely because a) it escapes mention in most Cold-War accounts of the war (which focus on German and Western Allied suffering to avoid engendering sympathy for Communists) and b) only Polish and Soviet POW were killed deliberately through neglect and accidentally through overwork, so many English-language historians fall into the trap of assuming that they were treated just like French and Anglo-American POW.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Granted, Word of God states that Uber isn't a story meant to be enjoyed, but it's really hard to feel much desire to emotionally invest yourself into the story given how utterly grim and joyless it all feels, not helped by how quickly the few genuinely good and likable characters get killed off at a staggering rate while the villains continue to go on committing atrocities. It also doesn't help that the story can basically be boiled down to "let's take the end of the Second World War, crank the bloodshed and horror way Up to Eleven, and then brutally stamp out any reason we can find to make the reader feel hopeful or optimistic that things will get better".
    • The later stages of the first volume and the first few issues of Invasion saw a lot of criticism of the series on these grounds, with readers complaining that it seemed as if by authorial fiat every intelligent tactic the Allies tried failed and every wild gamble the Nazis tried came off perfectly, and that the Nazis seemed to have suddenly developed implausible quantities of Offscreen Villain Dark Matter given the real-world situation at the alternate history divergence point. The writer has indicated throughout however that he's aware of this trope, and is trying to avoid falling into it by leaving the Allies with at least some hope and stressing that this is a "things get worse before they get better" kind of tale. A tumblr post made by Gillen stated that this was the intention, as during Real Life WW2 up until around 1944, people back then were honestly afraid of the Nazis actually winning too and in the comic, it's simply a matter of time before they face their Stalingrad.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Despite being a series where Anyone Can Die, there are some to be found.
    • Katyusha is hugely popular with the critics, the readers, and the creative team due to her sheer badassery, Wild Card personality (with the occasional Pet the Dog moment sprinkled in), and occasional Cloud Cuckoo Lander tendencies (which helps lend some much-needed lighter moments throughout the series).
    • The O'Conner brothers. Patrick, despite being a We Hardly Knew Ye Decoy Protagonist, is still liked for being one of the few genuinely good-hearted characters in the series. Razor meanwhile has a sizable fanbase due to being one of the biggest woobies in the series as well as being an interesting and realistic take on the young Legacy Character.
  • Genius Bonus:
    • Plenty of real-life figures meet messy ends throughout the series, but one example stands out as this. In a segment showing the perspective of Japanese Miyoko tank-men defending Okinawa, the garrison's commander, General Ushijima, off-handedly mentions that "Colonel Yahara" has died. In real life, Hiromichi Yahara was an officer whom the general personally ordered to escape before he committed seppuku alongside his staff, and survived the war as an American prisoner. In the comic, the role falls onto Hideki instead.
    • The killing of Siegfried by the Zephyrs (in the superhuman armoury, equivalent to aircraft) is a mirror image of one of the Allies' most shocking defeats in the real war, when, in 1941, the British Force Z, consisting of the battleship HMS Prince of Wales, the battlecruiser HMS Repulse, and four destroyers, was attacked by Japanese aircraft and both capital ships sunk. Admiral Sir Tom Phillips went down with Prince of Wales, the last Royal Navy Admiral to die by enemy action and the highest ranking Allied officer of any country or service to do so during the War. Until that point, it had been believed by many military conservatives that it was impossible for large warships to be destroyed by aircraft alone if they were at battle stations.
  • Inferred Holocaust:
    • The Germans occupy former allies (Hungary, Romania) which betrayed them and peoples (Poles, Ukrainians) which they had developed and executed genocidal policies upon. In May 1945 all these areas were also running at a severe food deficit and had almost run out of pre-existing food stockpiles note . Moreover, Germany's own people could only survive through continuing its policy of taking food from the occupied areas. So how many millions had to die for us to have our cool story about Nazi Ubermensch?
    • On a more specific note, it's not shown whether Maria might have killed some innocent people when she devastates the Kremlin.
  • Memetic Mutation: Well done allies... well done... HÖWEVER.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Or rather, a Misaimed Hatedom. Some circles accused the author of glorifying Nazis and white supremacy in the comics, never mind the Nazis are clearly the bad guys here, and one of the artists, Canaan White, is black.
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Siegfried's aforementioned childhood murder.
    • In universe, Stephanie feels that she crossed the horizon by conducting brutal experiments to maintain her cover as a Nazi scientist.
    • In the context of the story, Hitler crosses a MEH both out-of-universe and in-universe by his ordering the above Markus to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Soviet prisoners while he gleefully watches. This horrifies many of his generals not only due to the act itself but also due to how it means the Russians will return the gesture with the far more numerous German prisoners they have.
  • Squick: The gorn and Ludicrous Gibs nature of this series can certainly feel like this.
  • The Woobie: There are a lot, which is pretty justified, considering the setting.
    • Eamonn "Razor" O'Conner is one of the few genuinely pure hearted and kind natured people in this series. He's not a valiant patriot but rather a scared kid who feels way in over his head. Living in the shadow of his late older brother definitely adds more to his troubles. And then he ends up minus most of his limbs and horribly burned after saving Siegmund from a nuclear bomb.
    • Leah Cohen. As if being a Jew in WWII wasn't bad enough, she has to undergo the most painful transformation we see, becoming a hulking mass of muscle that barely resembles a woman anymore.
    • Sieglinde can count as a Jerkass Woobie. The flashbacks showing her life before her enhancement show that she genuinely loved her husband and losing him has undeniably left a mark on her.
    • Stephanie can count as an Iron Woobie. As mentioned above, she had to partake in some horrific and downright depraved stuff in order to maintain her cover as a Nazi scientist. She bears a lot of self-loathing as a result, yet continues to fight on nonetheless.


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