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Heartwarming / Vampirella

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2011 Dynamite series

  • Sofia Murray has a solo issue dedicated to her being inspired by Vampirella to get her life back together and try to work for something better. Sadly, things don't exactly work out due to a change in writers.
  • Vampirella is put on trial by the Conjuress (basically the guardian of good and evil) for her actions and ends up inspiring an entire army of her friends to join together behind her. They collectively save the universe.

2016 Dynamite series

  • While coming out of nowhere, Vampirella and Tristan's relationship is heartwarming. Vampirella is genuinely happy with her new/old lover and has regained much of her former love of life.
  • Vampirella's encouragement helps get Guinevere and Juliette to give their relationship one more chance.

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