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  • Rob occasionally makes calls out to the Roboteers to support good (if nerdy) causes, such as supporting a little girl being picked on for having a Star Wars thermos.
  • One week, Rob was defeated by an extremely horrible rapefic featuring Sen and Noh-Face from Spirited Away. He didn't run it because it was so bad. Fortunately, the roboteers - even Abraxas - vowed to not pester him to run it.
  • The farewell articles Rob ran. While it's clear that he was set on leaving, the massive fan support made it feel really hard not to stay.
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  • Rob has run two Fan Fiction Fridays featuring Maria from Sesame Street, and in both cases he expressed sincere sadness that this was the kind of payment Sonia Manzano got for years of teaching children. When so much of the FF Fs are just hateful toward the authors, these were some of the few times he was sad on behalf of a featured character.
  • Hard to find the article, but a couple actually met through the site - and got married!
  • In a case of Earn Your Happy Ending, after years of sifting through nerddom's darkest recesses, one of the last posts on The Robot's Voice was an ecstatic review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. After all the hand-wringing and losing hope, they get to see the return of a beloved franchise done right.

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