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Heartwarming / Spy vs. Spy

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For a black comedy about two interchangeable guys pointlessly murdering each other over and over again, there are moments that still make you say "Awwww"... before you get splattered by some Ludicrous Gibs.

  • One was in a comic strip when the Black Spy had gotten a bunch of guards to kill the White Spy but then later, he's crying over the death of the White Spy so he shoots himself in the head and falls down dead, and you see an image of them happily together in the afterlife.
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  • Another one was in "Defection" on White Spy's part about Black Spy's decommission.... of course, White ends up killed and maybe White should've known better, but he could've just been a prick or taken advantage of this situation or even made fun of Black, but instead White was nice to him and even helped him when he felt that Black was down on his luck, so that was very cute!!...


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