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Heartwarming / Tokyo Afterschool Summoners

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     Main Story 
  • Tsathoggua's introduction and subsequent joining up with the main characters. Where you'd expect this game's version of a Lovecraftion horror to be incredibly imposing, he turns out to be an incredibly chill & accommodating (if lazy) geek who's happy to have people visit him amidst all the chaos of the chapter he's introduced in. He takes you in in order to ensure you're safe from the outside structure collapsing as if you're already his friend, and only warms up to you more from there, offering everyone snacks and video games to play just to cement that all he really wants is to hang out with you.
    • Even in the aftermath of the chapter where he has to move into one of the Summoners' safe houses, he takes it in stride since he cares more about getting to be around his new friends than being at home by himself. He also stresses that the reason he's so quick to befriend you is because you never once thought of handing him over to Ophion when you could've easily done so to make things easier for yourself, and resolves to use his powers of teleportation to keep everyone safe from harm.
    • He apparently is even friends with Hakumen of all people. Him getting to live a life of leisure in her casino is one thing, but according to him they even sing karaoke together on occasion.

  • At the end of the Valentine Panic series of quests, you finally convince Sitri to be honest with himself about his love of chocolate, with Kengo helping by apologizing for stigmatizing it for Sitri in the first place. By the conclusion Sitri has already become slightly more comfortable with himself, and even decides to show it by giving the player a gift of chocolate for Valentine's Day.
  • Hati's Character Quest. He embarks on a hike into the mountains to procure a special flower to give to Gabriel, which you might think is an indication that he's back to his old fanatical ways towards her. In reality he's doing it with the intent to create a present for her to be given anonymously through Maria - he's resolved to not ever interact with Gabriel directly so as to never risk endangering her ever again, opting instead to support her discretely. Not only that, but in the process he learns to focus on supporting others besides Gabriel, as he takes care of the player when they get injured during the hike and even goes so far as to make a second gift for them as well.
  • At the end of Krampus's event, when him and the Protagonist defeat their opponents in a wrestling match and prove to everyone that Krampus (and his newfound heroic wrestler persona) can, in fact, truly be heroes. Cue this quote, spoken entirely through TearsOfJoy.
Krampus: The reason I'm here right now... it's thanks to the support of my friends, [the Protagonist] who was fighting along with me... and, everyone who cheered for me! Everyone in the venue... Truly, truly... Thank you very much!