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Recap / Tokyo Afterschool Summoners

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Main Quest

Book 1


Book 2


  • Apprentice Santa's Gift
  • Valentine Panic!
  • Black Snow on the Hot Spring Mountains
  • Embark! Summer Ocean Adventure
  • Seaside Summer School with You
  • I Ain't Scared a No Halloween!
  • Raiders of the Lost Isle
  • New Champion of Christmas
  • Year of the Guardian Dog
  • Valentine Jail!
  • O' the Great Gendarme
  • Clash of Floats!
  • Desert Journey
  • Unfurl the Sails! A Golden Treasure Ship
  • Battle of the Bells! An Ikebukuro Christmas
  • Year of the Wildest Boar
  • In with the Ogres! Carpentry of the Heart
  • Valentine Extravaganza!
  • A Fluffy Nightmare in Ueno!
  • Seaside Fashionista
  • Make a Killing! The Beach House and Andvari Falls
  • Trick or Treat! Jiangshi Night
  • Canaan - The Promised Land
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  • Mystic Christmas
  • A New Year's Food Fracas: The Cleaner is on the Case!
  • Valentine's Time Warp!
  • The Summoned Brave & Fantastic Boyfriends Collaboration
  • Advance! Onsen Jamboree
  • Virtual Summer Memory - Dance in the Dragon Palace
  • Nyan! Fortune Festival Magic - Happy Illusion!
  • Sunshine Christmas - Reclaim the Holy Night!
  • Sunrise New Year
  • Valentine's Day Colosseum - Glorious White Illumination
  • Nightglows of the Starlit Sky