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Funny / Tokyo Afterschool Summoners

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In General

  • You can play the protagonist as a very thirsty character regardless of the given situation's intensity. Most questions are hilarious as a result.
  • It's very Black Comedy, but the rules of the App state that while general battles can occur, Guilds cannot attack each other for territory during school hours. Because massive turf wars and repeated (reversible) murders are a-ok, but gods forbid you miss out on your education!
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  • Because of him having to constantly transform into adult form for battle, Ikutoshi has to wear oversized clothing.
  • Tsathoggua uses Hakumen's whip to give himself a massage, much to her chagrin.
  • The fact that Genociders, a violent guild led by the pyromancer Arc with the fire giant Surtr as one of their members, is based in Otemachi ward can be quite hilarious when you learn that within real-life Otemachi ward lies the headquarters to Tokyo's fire department.


Main Story

Chapter 1

  • Salomon's Time Stop ends earlier than excepted because he messed up the "training manual."

Chapter 8

  • While most of the protagonist's hitting on the characters is generally ignored by their friends, even they cannot ignore the protagonist's flirting with Surtr.

Chapter 10

  • The protagonist can ask Yasuyori to marry them. Even better, Yasuyori considers reciprocating for a moment.
  • What kind of trick does Daikoku use to incapacitate the boisterous and ever-powerful Tajikarao? Ask him out for an after work dinner in the middle of chaos. Hogen is understandably disappointed in Tajikarao's simple mindedness.
  • How do the Invaders attack Hakumen? Sending out tax collectors to her casino and declare that she has been evading taxes and hiding monetary assets.
  • The fact that Hombretigre, the luchadores, and Tezcatlipoca himself act like their confrontation with the protagonist is one big reality show. Even R-19 and Jacob feel how out of place the situation is.


  • Yule wearing his Santa outfit to Halloween Party in Asakusa.
  • In the Virtual Summer Memory event, Yamasachihiko's introduction scene has him being ogled by the cyber slime monsters, who are too happy to get under his skin (literally).
    • Zao gets infected with the bug slimes and believes himself to be Momotaro, taking Hanuman (Monkey), Moritaka (Dog), and Ziz (Bird) on his team to fight against the ogres (read: the protagonist and their summer team).
    • Claude has the most fun of his life by becoming Princess Kaguya.
  • The Haunted House segment of the Nya~! Festival event has Benten giving off a very OOC smile while playing her biwa, while Krampus is in his Jiangshi costume doing his usual creepy smile, both successfully scaring the visitors to a ridiculous degree. It's revealed post-battle that Benten was actually searching for Daikoku and forcing him to listen to her love song. The image of Daikoku running away from such a harmless thing is priceless.