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Nightmare Fuel / Tokyo Afterschool Summoners

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Nightmare Fuel pages are Spoilers Off. As such, all spoilers are unmarked. Read at your own risk.

     Main Story 
Chapter 8 marks the end of Part 1 of the Main Story, and it throws the mother of all curveballs for what seemed like a generic fanservice isekai gacha:
  • The Protagonist is revealed to have been made the "trophy" of the Game and their soul was created/modified in a way so they could never win the Game.
    • Because their soul is made up of the Exiles of the 23 Worlds, those banished for defying their World's Systems in some way, they cannot stand against the World Representatives, those that are the peak example of the World's Faith and most of them were the ones that banished or killed the Exiles of their respective Worlds and they instantly depower the MC, as seen with Surtr.
  • The full reveal of the Representatives, 23 Transients that represent their Systems as the main players of each World. They all fight for the right to own the Protagonist, who they refer to as the trophy of the Game, and to control Tokyo. They wield Sacred Artifacts known as Pillars that store their memories so they can be recalled during another Loop. This means they each have a major leg up above every other player of the Game.
  • It's revealed that Tokyo is stuck in a Time Loop, with it resetting every time the Protagonist dies and starts again when they are summoned to Tokyo. It's implied that this has happened countless times.
    • It's heavily implied that every named character has killed the Protagonist at least once, during the scene where Azathoth is forcing memories of death onto the Protagonist, Shino, Tadatomo, and Moritaka.
      • The Protagonist remembers their 4 human guild friends during what was the Protagonist's last moments in 4 separate loops. Toji eradicating them with his Rule, Ryota crying over their fate, Kengo being told to leave them behind, and finally Shiro, who wishes he could've broken them out of the cycle.
      • Moritaka remembers cutting the them down with his ice blade.
      • Tadatomo remembers burning the them to death with his flames.
    • It's unknown what Shino was shown, for as he says, he's practically lived his entire life around the battlefield and death, thus isn't paralyzed by Azathoth’s forced memories.