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Heartwarming / The Saxon Stories

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  • Alfred gets one when Gisela dies. He genuinely liked her and eventually says to Uhtred, "May your gods give you comfort". For arch Christian Alfred, who has done his level best to convert Uhtred on prior occasion, this is Serious Business.
    • It's even more poignant than that - the actual line is "I pray your gods give you comfort," which is even more striking as, at a stretch, it contradicts the first commandment, and thus goes against one of the key tenets of Christianity. Which really makes it even more heartwarming, considering Alfred doesn't even like Uhtred all that much.
  • Uhtred Uthredson/Father Judas despite having been disowned by his father still comes to his deathbed and delivers his last rites
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  • Pretty much any time the normally callous and intimidating Uhtred gets a Pet the Dog moment.
  • The morning after Alfred's death, Uhtred finds his enemy-turned-friend Steapa sitting alone with tears on his face. Uhtred doesn't say anything, but just sits down next to him, and stays with him through the funeral.
  • When Alfred is on his deathbed, Uhtred goes to Winchester. He leaves Finan, his right-hand man, behind and instead takes with him Osferth, Alfred's bastard son — who Alfred, in shame, has never acknowledged and long avoided.
    Osferth frowned at me. "Why did you bring me here, lord?" he asked.
    "Why not?"
    "You could have brought Finan, but you chose me."
    "You don't want to see your father?"
    He said nothing for a while, then turned to me and I saw there were tears in his eyes. "Yes, lord."
    "That's why I brought you."
    • This then leads to Osferth and Alfred reconciling, just days before Alfred's death. Alfred apologises to Osferth for leaving him with the stain of bastardry, and tells him he's proud of him.

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