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Tear Jerker / The Saxon Stories

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  • Uhtred's near death at the end of the Pagan Lord Its beautifully written with Uhtred trying to speak but none of the people with him hearing anything but groans. His disowned son Father Judas gives him his last rites and Uhtred is sure he can see his dead wife Gislea in the distance and decides that he'd rather go with her before they manage to revive him
  • Alfred's death scene in Death of Kings. While his relationship with Uhtred was stormy to say the least, in that one moment the two men put aside their differences and show nothing but respect for each other.
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  • Uhtred's last meeting with Aethelflaed in The Flamebearer. He is riding out to achieve his lifelong dream of retaking Bebbanburg, she is dying of some unspecified illness. After promising to meet each other and live together in Uhtred's ancestral fortress the last line of the scene is "I never saw her again." Bloody hell...

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