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Awesome / The Saxon Stories

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  • Uhtred repeatedly saving Wessex from Danish and Norse invasion - though most awesome of all is his first one where he kills Ubba Lothbrokson by the sea
  • Osferth in his first battle jumps from a gatehouse onto the back of a feared Viking below
  • Ragnar the Younger getting revenge on Kjartan after 3 books, sending him to the afterlife without a sword in his hand
  • In the Pagan Lord Uhtred finally kills his Uncle
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  • Steapa gets on for himself when after the first few seconds of their fight Uhtred realises that there is no way he can beat the giant Saxon.
  • Uhtred's son more than lives up to the family expectations - thinking of a way to capture a castle's gates on the fly and killing a Norse Warlord in his first shieldwall.
  • And Uhtred's other son, who turned to Christianity, after being disowned by his father at his ordination as a priest, and losing his name, asks for a new one. Uhtred, in full Jerkass mode, calls him Judas. His son's response is basically, fine, have it your way, and demands to be known thereafter as Father Judas.
  • After rumors are widely circulated of his death in The Pagan Lord, Uhtred gets an absolutely epic Badass Boast to a group of enemies in which he claims to have died, killed Nidhogg, and returned to the land of the living.
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  • Aethelflaed refusing to abandon Uhtred and his vastly outnumbered force in the seventh book, even though she's completely aware that she'll be raped and brutally murdered in the probable event of their defeat.
  • Sigtryggr at the end of The Empty Throne. He loses a battle and an eye to Uhtred, and hands himself over as a hostage for the lives of his men. Two days later, he's riding away with Uhtred's daughter, and his blessing.
  • Finan's utter humiliation of his own brother in Warriors of the Storm.
  • Warriors of the Storm gives us another major one when Karma Houdini Supreme Haesten finally meets his end.
  • The Flame Bearer has Uhtred, at long last, retake Bebbanburg.
  • Æthelstan going full Warrior Prince at the climax of The Flame Bearer, killing an enemy champion in single combat

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