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Heartwarming / The People v. O.J. Simpson

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  • Robert Kardashian genuinely doing all he can in the first half of the series to support O.J., joining the defense team and keeping Simpson's hopes up when the latter seems on the verge of breaking down.
  • After Bill Hodgman suffers a heart attack during the trial, all the lawyers immediately rush to check on him.
  • Chris Darden comforting Marcia at the end of "Marcia Marcia Marcia".
  • Marcia winning primary custody of her children in her divorce case at the end of "Manna from Heaven". Given all the crap she's gone through throughout the series, and the knowledge that she will eventually lose the Simpson case, it's a small but touching little victory for her.
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  • The solidarity that the jurors end up showing with one another in "A Jury in Jail".
  • From "The Verdict":
    • After O.J. is found not guilty, when Marcia comments on how ashamed she feels for botching the case, Garcetti sits down with her and says how much he admires her for heading the prosecution and taking everything that the media and the Dream Team threw at her in stride.
    • In their final onscreen moments of the series, Marcia and Chris engage in one final supportive conversation with one another. They end up walking out of the office to get a drink, leaning on each other the whole way.
    • Cochran's reaction to Bill Clinton making a speech about how everyone should try and understand black people more.
  • A meta case: In the finale, there's a moment after the verdict is read where a shell-shocked Robert Kardashian and a worn down Marcia Clark exchange a brief, shared look of disbelief from across a room. In a post-show interview, the real Marcia Clark reveals how much she appreciated this scene, given how much it reflected the real Kardashian's views and strengths as a person.
    Interviewer: Do you remember having any kind of moment with Robert Kardashian, like the one shown in the episode?
    Marcia Clark: You know, I'm glad they showed that. This is where I'd say that the series is so good. It delivers an essential truth, because they don't have time to deliver on the exact way it went down. But, essentially, it is correct. Robert Kardashian looked devastated when he heard the verdict. He knew. And he had always been very nice. He was a really good guy. I ran into him a few times at restaurants. We'd nod at each other across the room. And then the last time I saw him, he actually came over to my table and said, “Hey Marcia, how ya doing?” Very nice. I said, “Hi, Bob. How ya doing?” “I'm okay.” It turned out he wasn't okay. Two weeks later, he passed away. So he was very ill, and I guess he knew it at the time.
    Interviewer: But he never said anything directly about the case?
    Marcia Clark: No, he didn't have to. I could see it on his face. There was no need for words, just like in the series. That's what I mean. They're right.
  • In Real Life heartwarming, actress Sarah Paulson came to the Emmy 2016 awards with Marcia Clark herself.
    • Surely Clark found the moment sweet - after all, she was loathed by both Simpson's supporters and opponents (who blamed the loss of the trial on her incompetence) and one-dimensionally presented as a stereotypical nagging lady by the media. Paulson's sympathetic, complex portrayal of Clark is the culmination of a very slow turn-around in public perception.
  • In Real Life, Selma Blair (who portrayed Kris Jenner then Kardashian) in the series was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis after the season had ended, with the real-life Kris mailing her an extravagant and beautiful bouquet of roses as a show of support; Blair even said that Kris even collaborated with her during the development on the show to help her better understand her role, despite any misgivings she may have.

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