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Heartwarming / The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015)

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  • Kuryakin takes a break from his implacable pursuit of Solo and Gabby to gently apologize to an East German woman for barging through her flat.
  • Kuryakin carrying a passed out Gaby to bed as though she were a child and then tucking her in. The way she grabs his hand in her sleep and the way he lingers by her bedside just makes it all the more heartwarming.
    Illya: "Good night, little chop-shop girl."
  • Solo saving Ilya, considering he could have just left him to die, since his job was to get the computer disk and out of Russian hands eventually and his demeanor could be interpreted that he's considering just that.
    • After Napoleon saves Illya, Illya returns the favour twice: First, when he saves Napoleon from being tortured and murdered by Uncle Rudi, and secondly, when he throws a motorcycle at Alexander Vinciguerra just as he's about to shoot Napoleon. Both times, Illya makes sure to ask Napoleon if he's okay; the second time he even does so before rushing off to comfort Gaby.
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  • After Gaby drunkenly tries to seduce Kuryakin, he greets her the next morning with a cheery smile and for once he's not surly or stoic or filled with barely repressed rage. He's happy to see her and then he rather adorkably presents her with a new engagement ring to replace the one that was stolen because he's the sort of fiance that would immediately replace a lost engagement ring.
  • Kuryakin's attempt to reassure Gaby right before her meeting with her Uncle Rudi.
    Kuryakin: You're trembling.
    Gaby: That's because I'm scared.
    Kuryakin: It'll be ok.
    Gaby: How do you know that?
    Kuryakin: I'll be close by.
  • Even after Gaby's seeming betrayal, Kuryakin reacts to Uncle Rudi's offer to testify against her in exchange for clemency by angrily electrocuting him, showing that despite her betrayal he's still unwilling to see her hurt in any way.
    • Then later, it's revealed that Gaby revealed Kuryakin's location in order to give him a chance to get away. He was already compromised and, knowing that he was listening via her bugged engagement ring, she knew he would run once he knew the jig was up. It's the TMFU version of Break His Heart to Save Him.
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  • During the final assault on the Vinciguerra compound, Napoleon reaches a control room with video monitors of the area. He quickly radios Illya that he's found Gaby's location, then he mentions Alexander and the bomb. For both of them, the first priority is saving their friend and partner. Also, it marks the first time the agents have called each other, respectively, Illya and Napoleon.
  • After killing Alexander Vinciguerra, Kuryakin goes to check on Gaby, who is lying on the ground, shivering and in shock. He then cradles her in his arms, smiling tenderly and telling her it's going to be ok.
    • Afterwards, when the group is being seen to by paramedics, Kuryakin is still seen hovering protectively over Gaby, like a silent source of comfort and strength.
    • Before rushing off to Gaby's side, though, Illya first checks in with Napoleon to make sure he's uninjured after his fight with Alexander Vinciguerra. Illya doesn’t ignore his partner in favour of his romantic interest; he makes sure they’re both safe and unharmed.
  • During the credits, watch when the personal dossiers come up, including information such as the agent's known languages: in particular, Gaby's shows that she's learning and making progress with Russian.
    • Which doesn't make sense considering she's East German and would have learnt Russian in school as her second language. Still, it's a heartwarming sentiment.
  • When it's all nearly over, Illya is pushed by his handler one last time to finish the mission after being told that Solo had acquired the disk that survived (the one carried by Alexander). When he comes down to his room ready to kill him (not without wrecking his own room in a heartbroken fury); Solo, also having readied his gun while noticing that Illya is acting strangely by catching his reflection...tosses Illya his father's watch that had been taken from him at the start of the mission; which he found during the raid — mind you this is Solo, the man who up until this point had shown very little genuine care for much of anything besides himself and the mission at hand — he could have simply left the watch there, but he didn't.
  • Napoleon notices the UST between Illya and Gaby and plays The Matchmaker, inviting Illya to check the radio transmitter hidden under Gaby's very short dress while he leaves them alone (of course, he also interrupts their Almost Kiss because he delights in trolling Illya).


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