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Heartwarming / The Accountant

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  • Young Justine giving young Christian the missing puzzle piece during the flashback shown at the beginning of the film.
  • Christian's father calming Christian down when his mother leaves the family during his temper tantrum.
  • Christian's interactions with Francis during Christian's time in prison.
  • Dana tries having a conversation with Wolff after his arrival at Living Robotics, clearly having the hots for him.
    • And her subsequent story at the hotel, cementing their 'connection' with each other.
  • Ray King recalling how Wolff spared his life during the Roaring Rampage of Revenge on the Gambino family.
    • Specifically, it's implied that this happened because King thought he had been a good father, successfully raising two kids despite feeling himself to have screwed up everything else.
  • In King, Wolff saw an opportunity to not only dispose of clients who he found particularly offensive, but also gave an opportunity to a good man with a lackluster career in law enforcement to turn it around in its latter years. And King did just that.
  • Wolff and his younger brother Braxton reconcile after the fight that opposed them at Lamar's house.
  • At the end, Dana finds out Wolff has gifted her the Jackson Pollock painting he kept in his trailer. The scene of Dana hanging the portrait on her wall and contemplating it is juxtaposed with Christian driving along with his trailer and smiling just at the end before the credits roll.
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  • He could have easily found some way to dismiss the farmer couple that came in for a consultation not realizing the true nature of "ZZZ Accounting", but instead he set them up with a streamlined financial plan that got them out of the red. All he wanted as compense was to set up a shooting range on their property. It got them into his "people I care about and will kill for if endangered" mental classification as well.
  • The Harbor Neuroscience Institute founder/director makes an eloquent pitch for recognizing the importance of neurodiversity to the couple bringing their autistic son in at the end of the movie.
    HNI Founder:1 in 68 children in this country are diagnosed with a form of autism. But if you can put aside for a moment what your pediatrician and all the other NT's have said about your son—
    Autistic Boy's Father: "NTs?"
    HNI Founder: Neuro-typicals. The rest of us. What if we're wrong? What if we've been using the wrong tests to quantify intelligence in children with autism? Your son's not less-than. He's different. Now, your expectations for your son may change over time, they might include marriage, children, self-sufficiency. They might not. But I guarantee you, if we let the world set expectations for our children, they'll start low, and they'll stay there. And maybe... Just maybe... He doesn't understand how to tell us. Or... we haven't yet learned how to listen.


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