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Heartwarming / Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Nightwing and Starfire's loving relationship through the movie. Even after five years of being together, they're still very much in love, understand each other and make one other happy. Throughout the entire movie, their stable and happy relationship is a true highlight.
    • After putting in some thought into their relationship, Dick bought an apartment in the city (where the Titans also are) and asks Starfire to share it with him. She answers that, on Tamaran, everyone would gossip about such an arrangement. She then smiles and remarks, "It's a good thing we're not on Tamaran" and hugs him.
    • As well, Nightwing (being Batman's first son and all) tends to forget that he's not the leader of the Titans anymore and unintentionally takes charge sometimes out of habit. However, unlike Batman, it's never with the intent to belittle Starfire as he just genuinely forgets she's in charge now. All it takes is a (usual) gentle reminder from Kory and he backs down instantly and with apology.
  • When Raven tells Terra that the Titans are meeting in the common room, Terra automatically assumes that they know she's working with Deathstroke. When she enters the common room and the lights are out, the lights turn on and the Titans reveal they're throwing her a one-year anniversary party for being in the Titans... and it was Raven's idea. Terra is so touched by this that she shed some tears and, during the party, she looks absolutely happy. Although, it's unknown if she really genuine about it or she's just acting.
  • Damian telling Dick that he supports his relationship with Kory. Considering how much of an insufferable Bratty Half-Pint he was to both of them, it's a considerable sweet moment from him and is evidence of his significant character growth. When you also remember how Damian's relationship with his adopted brother started out rough (with Damian even reminding Dick he was Bruce's adopted son) and seeing how their relationship has since become like that of true brothers, it makes you smile. Especially as Damian gives his approval with all the gravitas of the royal brat he still is, and Dick's "thank you" comes out with a bit of a "God, this kid," tone, but they're still smiling at each other. They get it.
  • Beast Boy's eulogy for Terra, who at the very end was able to show some genuine good in her by saving him from dying along with her in her suicide by cave-in.
    • Small one, but in that same scene, Kevin Smith instantly asks "Too soon?" when he notices Gar is uncomfortable and is quick to say he's free not to answer.