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Funny / Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In a flashback scene, after rescuing Starfire, Robin (Dick Grayson) is kissed by her. When she mentions lip-on-lip contact is how Tamaranians learn new languages instantaneously, Dick takes a moment to smile before saying "Useful."
    • There's also Speedy's sarcastic "Did not see that coming." and Beast Boy taking a picture of it on his cellphone.
    • Even better: Roy and Wally want to be kissed too!
      Wally: You know, uh, by the way, I speak some Spanish. You wanna learn?
      Roy: Second year high school French!
      (Karen face palms)
  • Starfire defeats Nightwing in a melee sparring session in front of the other Titans, prompting this exchange:
    Nightwing: That was not a confidence-booster.
    Starfire: You did very well. You lasted far longer this time.
    Terra: (snickers)
    Starfire: I meant in training, of course. He's very proficient when we have se-
    Nightwing: Kory!
  • Dick lampshading on how often Damian wears his Robin costume.
    Dick: Do you ever get out of that uniform?
    Damian: Only when I bathe.
    Dick: Might be time.
    Damian: (sniffs his own armpit) I'm good.
  • Even when captured and rendered helpless by Deathstroke, Damian doesn't stop pressing every button he can to annoy him, and ends up leaving some sick burns on him as a result.
    Deathstroke: Beast Boy's sending me pictures of Terra's party. A shame you're missing it.
    Damian: You should go. Playing with teenagers is about your speed.
    • And just after...
      Damian: Big man. Why not get me out of here so I can defend myself properly? Unless you're afraid.
      Deathstroke: Really? You're down to hoping I'm gonna act like the biggest stooge in a B movie?
      Damian: Your outfit said "give it a shot".
  • Deathstroke making a ton of snarky remarks throughout the entire movie.
    Starfire: What did you do to Robin?
    Slade: I beat the crap out of him for being mouthy. (beat) Oh, come on, you've all had the urge.
    Blue Beetle: Once I get out, I'm gonna break you into little bits!
    Slade: It's good to have goals, ese; Me? I'm having waffles after you're dead.

    Blue Beetle: We took you in! Helped you!
    Terra: Yeah, well thanks. Now you're gonna die.
    Slade: Jeez, not a lot of grey area there.
  • At the end, when Damian is standing alone on top of the Titan tower looking at Deathstroke's mask, Raven comes by. She then shows him a black puppy, which is likely to be Titus. When the puppy rises its left ear in confusion, Damian looks at the puppy with a raised eyebrow in return. The fact that Raven and Damian kept a straight face the entire time makes it hilarious.
  • When investigating where the Titans are, Nightwing figures out how Beast Boy is captured in a second: Beast Boy fell for the old press a button that says "DO NOT PRESS" and gets darted for his trouble. Even Grayson is in disbelief that he actually fell for that.
  • Toward the end of the final battle, Brother Blood keeps on attempting to give out more badass boasts, but keeps on getting beat down by the Titans' attacks mid-sentence, making him look like the deluded fool he truly is.