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Tear Jerker / Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Action Prologue reveals Starfire's sad backstory. She is a refugee princess on the run from her tyrannical sister, who staged a coup, took rule of their home by force and sold her out to their enemies. She is desperately trying to escape the aliens who enslaved her, fleeing to Earth and is being chased by her former captors. In her comic origin story, her captors raped her, experimented on her and physically abused her before she freed herself. Thankfully, in this movie version, Starfire gives no detail of her time in captivity. But, given that exact detail, you can't help but wonder if such things happened to her. The Titans watch as she is caught and beaten by said-aliens, who begin to drag her away. The Titans save her and she explains her sad situation. Robin immediately offers her shelter with them, which she gratefully accepts - finally having a home again.
  • Deathstroke selling out Terra to Brother Blood without a second of hesitation. She is shocked and mentally reeling, realizing too late that the Titans' warnings about his true nature weren't a lie. Even if you hate her for betraying the Titans, you can't help but feel your heart pinch as she feebly asks Deathstroke, "Slade... help me" as she is taken captive and he merely dismisses her. When she gets free, she understandably asks Was It All a Lie? and delivers a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on him in full rage. The fact she was betrayed by the one person she dearly trusted, who rescued and raised her as a child only to reveal his "love" was an act to gain her trust, and is heartbroken at only being used makes you feel for her.
  • Terra's last scene. After she has appeared to have killed Deathstroke, she and Gar share a Held Gaze that communicates volumes. Beast Boy has forgiven her for her betrayal and understands she was manipulated. However, Terra feels she doesn't deserve forgiveness and it's clear she has become too consumed by her pain to overcome it and is utterly broken. Not even Beast Boy and the loving Titans can help her now. Tears run down her face as she says "I'm sorry" and sends Gar to safety before creating a cave-in to commit suicide. He desperately tries to go back for her, but Blue Beetle and Nightwing pull him away as the place begins to collapse. Terra gives a scream of utter anguish before dropping to her knees in heartbroken tears and allows the collapsing rocks to fall on top of her, killing herself.
    • Afterwards, Beast Boy digs Terra out of the rubble by hand. There's a brief Hope Spot that she survived as he pulls her out and she opens her eyes. However, she simply smiles at him and closes her eyes, dying in his arms. Beast Boy begins to cry and clings to her dead body as the other Titans solemnly circle around them.