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Heartwarming / Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Unite

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  • After Sonic gets Rock and his family up to speed about the last crossover, they shake hands.
    Mega Man: Well then... good to meet you again, Sonic.
    Sonic: You too, Mega Man.
  • The whole of the short story where Mega Man and X practice together. Two key moments are X's flashback to the Day of Sigma where Zero tells X to hide because he doesn't want him to get hurt and when Mega Man tells X not to prevent his own construction.
    Mega Man: That's stupid! The future needs you to protect it! I mean, who knows what else Dr. Wily's hidden away that might attack the people of your time? If I'm not around in the future to protect everyone, I'll feel a lot better knowing you are. So don't talk like that anymore! Your "big brother" says so!
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  • Sonic and Alex Kidd meeting one another. This is especially heartwarming if you're familiar with Alex Kidd's appearance in Segaga.
  • After Sigma is defeated, the fused world is too far gone to save. Sally tells everyone to board the Delphinius so that they can be brought home while it's still possible... but the heroes from across the multiverse insist that first they're going to rescue everyone they can.
    Arthur: We came here to save lives. We will not settle for half-measures.
  • When the worlds are saved by Xander preventing Sigma's crossing, the first thing Sonic does is get NICOLE to call up Shadow. The hedgehog is just so relieved to see his old rival safe and sound, with both Shadow and Tails utterly confused by it all.
  • Sonic and Mega Man both remember each other this time, and end the crossover silently thanking each other for being there and helping.
    • This isn't just for the heroes though; it also applies to the villains. That's right, after their messy "breakup" last crossover, the evil bromance has been restored mutually, with Eggman wishing Albert better luck next time, and Wily swearing he and "Eggy" will have their revenge.
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    • Perhaps what makes this most heartwarming for both factions is that everyone has forgotten the details of what happened — but their bonds were strong enough they couldn't forget the other, events wiped from history or not.

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