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Heartwarming / Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair

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"I guess even good things can be born from tragedies, huh?"

  • As depressing as the ending in which Kamen is arrested is, there's a touching moment in which Raiko happily reunites with her mother. As annoying as Raiko finds her, she really does love her, and is glad to see her after a very trying night.
  • While Runa would have every reason to see Momoko as a romantic rival, especially after Runa gets jealous of her for trying to talk to Hiro, Runa still sincerely hopes to become friends with her.
  • The fact that Raiko feels sorry for Kamen and is the only one willing to defend her from Taiko's accusations, even though Kamen has shown Raiko little but outright hostility. That goes a long way in proving that, despite her somewhat grumpy exterior, Raiko is a good person at heart.
  • After Raiko finally proves Kamen's innocence, she throws her arms around her, calls her "Raiko-chan" and thanks her, declaring that Raiko is finally back (something that becomes Heartwarming in Hindsight once you realize what happened). Shortly thereafter, the others apologize to Kamen for doubting her and she forgives them.
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  • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but Raiko, upon seeing Kamen express gratitude for her help, is reminded of a girl she met long ago. Apparently, contrary to what Kamen thinks, Raiko actually does remember helping her.
  • The fact that Taiko is compassionate enough to fondly remember the time Kotoba tried to save him from the bullies even after everything he did. If Kotoba lives, Taiko instead visits Momoko's grave, and expresses sympathy for her.
  • A young Raiko managing to help save Kamen from being falsely accused of shoplifting, even though the two didn't know each other at the time. While Kamen had treated Raiko poorly due to being unable to accept her changing, she resolves to become friends with her, even if it takes a while. Even better yet, the diary is unlocked if you choose the friendliest possible dialogue options when talking to Kamen.
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  • While Mika comes off as a fairly obnoxious prankster for much of the game, she's also one of the first to become friends with Kamen after Halloween, even though Kamen had previously written her off as not worth her time.
  • Extra Scene B goes to show how close the Shinpuku family was in the past. It also shows that Rihatsu teasing Raiko is her way of trying to get her, and the family as a whole, back to the way they used to be before they lost Reiko.

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