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Awesome / Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair

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Rie and Taiko, Back-to-Back Badasses

  • When Raiko sees the culprit fleeing the guest room, she takes the incredibly bold and reckless move to pursue them out the window, climbing down with the red rope that they used as an escape route.
  • When a fire breaks out in the breaker room, the group rushes over there to fight the fire and save Kotoba; the CG of Rie and Taiko putting aside their differences and teaming up to extinguish the fire is shown. If you manage to make all the right choices, you succeed and earn a slightly better ending.
  • As terrible as Momoko's crimes were, she does show a great deal of ingenuity in planning them. She managed to take advantage of Runa and Rie's planned prank, come up with her own "prank" to put one over on those two while disguising her own murder plans, and even included her faked suicide as part of the plan before killing Hiro, leaving Kotoba to die, and then killing herself. While a combination of bad luck, a few slip-ups and Raiko's detective work ended up foiling the plan in the good ending, the plan was still impressively elaborate and almost worked.
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  • Raiko, a middle schooler with no detective training, can manage to solve the crime and find the actual culprit, even though everyone else is convinced that Kamen did it.
  • Kamen's diary reveals that this isn't the first time Raiko did this. While in fifth grade, she managed to save Kamen from being falsely accused of shoplifting when some boys slipped a pack of trading cards into her bag to test the shop's security system. She even managed to do this without seeing the theft itself, simply overhearing them and using the security footage as evidence.
  • Kotoba, of all people, stood up to defend Taiko from bullies when they were young. It didn't end well for him, but the fact that he tried to help someone he didn't even know(not unlike what Raiko did for Kamen) definitely goes to show why Taiko cares for him so much.

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