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Timeline / Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair

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  • Many years before the start of the story, Kotoba tries to save Taiko from bullies, resulting in the two becoming friends. At undetermined points in the past, Raiko and Nobara, as well as Runa and Rie, become friends.
  • Hiro aces a test, and the success goes to his head.
  • August 2006: Kamen is falsely accused of shoplifting, but Raiko manages to prove her innocence. Shortly afterward, Raiko and her family go on a trip to Yamabiko for Raiko's birthday, and Raiko promises to visit Kamen a week later.
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  • August 14, 2006: Raiko's sister Reiko dies. Raiko does not meet up with Kamen, and Kamen does not see her again for years.
  • April 2008-March 2009: Kamen and Momoko become friends while in seventh grade.
  • At some point during middle school, Runa and Rie start inviting Raiko and Nobara to lunch.
  • Spring 2010: At the start of the school year, Kamen meets Raiko again, and sees that she is a changed person.
  • Some time in 2010: Momoko finally opens up to Kamen.
  • September 2010: On the first day back from school, Runa twists her ankle in a bike accident, and Hiro helps her. They start going out soon afterward.
  • Hiro visits Runa at home and realizes that she is poor. He promptly gives up on her.
  • Two weeks after Runa's accident, Momoko performs in the cultural festival, becoming popular and gaining Hiro's attention.
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  • In late September 2010, Momoko and Hiro start going out.
  • At some point in October 2010, Hiro asks Kamen out, but she refuses.
  • Kamen tries to warn Momoko to break up with Hiro, but Momoko refuses to believe her, threatening to end their friendship if Kamen persists.
  • At some point in this time, Momoko confronted Runa about trying to talk to Hiro.
  • Friday, October 22, 2010: Kamen overhears Runa and Rie discussing their plans for a staged murder, and insists on getting in on them. After school, she tells Momoko about the plan. They have lunch in a restaurant, and Momoko finds out about Hiro's texts to Kamen while Kamen is in the bathroom. As a result, she snaps, plotting to murder Hiro and commit suicide to ruin Kamen's life.
  • Sunday, October 24, 2010: Momoko, having come up with her murder plan, approaches Kamen to convince her to use Rie and Runa's prank as an opportunity to play a prank on them. She also recruits Hiro and Kotoba, both of whom she plans to kill.
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  • At some point while Momoko was plotting the murder, she offers to do a matching cosplay with Runa, who agrees to the suggestion in hopes of befriending Momoko. Runa, however, forgets her green wig.
  • Saturday, October 30-Sunday, October 31, 2010: The main plot of the game takes place. Raiko, Nobara, Rie, Runa, Mika, Momoko, Hiro, Kamen, Kotoba and Taiko get together for a party at the Miyamoto Mountain Resort. Momoko kills Hiro(as well as Kotoba if you didn't make the right choices), and then hangs herself, intending to frame Kamen for her death. In the bad endings, Kamen or Runa is falsely accused and taken in for questioning, but later cleared. In the good ending, Raiko successfully clears Kamen's name.
  • In the days after the tragedy, Kamen skips class for a few days and returns feeling depressed. Around this time, Mika befriends her.
  • Thursday, November 4, 2010: Kotoba's funeral is held if he dies. If he lives, the police question him about the incident.
  • Saturday, November 6, 2010: Raiko visits her sister's grave. She talks with Kamen, who apologizes to and kisses her. Raiko's mother sees her, and talks with her husband about it that night. The game ends.

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