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Funny / Shinrai: Broken Beyond Despair

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"So that is how you truly shock Raiko, aku?"

  • "This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real, people, events, locations and supernatural beings is purely coincidental."
  • The game begins with a somewhat melodramatic inner monologue by Raiko… about her decision to try on the cat costume her mother bought her.
  • The Running Gag in which Raiko gets teased for forgetting to take off her cat ears.
  • The Hurricane of Puns Raiko makes about Rie's zombie costume, and how it's less than ideal for winning Taiko over.
    It seemed as though Zombie-Rie was "dead" serious about devouring Taiko's heart. Unfortunately, her get-up had one fatal flaw.
    And for a zombie with such unusual aspirations, this must have been a "grave" concern.
    So in other words... the face paint was "killing" her, huh?
    She was really "dead"-set on seducing Taiko, wasn't she?
    Apparently, she was really "dying" to take that shower.
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  • The tombstone has the names of all eight partygoers besides Rie (who wrote it) and Taiko (the guy she likes). Taiko doesn't get why he isn't on the tombstone.
  • The "Heppy Helloween" sign; Rie didn't catch either spelling error until after she spent three hours painting it. Because of that, Runa doesn't have the heart to tell Rie at the party.
    Nobara: Poor Rie. I hope Runa really tells 'er. I mean, it'd be really bad if she never learned how ta actually spell "Halloween." Could really screw 'er over in life. Like, imagine if she wants to get a job as a pumpkin carver. Who'd hire sum'un who ain't even gotta clue how ta spell "Halloween"?
    Raiko: Indeed...
  • Why is Mika going so far to break her father's scaring record? If she does, her father will give her a reward- buying her ice cream.
  • "What is a cookie? A miserable little pile of secrets!"
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  • When Raiko and the others happen upon Runa on the second floor, she sheepishly explains that she really did need to use the bathroom.
  • After Raiko manages to prove Kamen's innocence, Taiko, Runa and Nobara all give sincere apologies for suspecting Kamen, or at least for not sticking up for her, while Rie does her best despite not being good at that sort of thing. Mika, however, gives a hilarious non-apology.
    Mika: Mika probably needs to apologize, as well. Of course, Mika knew all along that Kamen was innocent! Mika just wanted to see if Raiko could figure it out on her own, aku! Mika should have just shouted "Objection!" and cleared everything up right away!"
    Rie: (pouting) Oh, c'mon, Mika.
    Mika: Aku?
    Rie: (blushing) I guess she's as bad at saying sorry as I am.
  • Throughout the entire game, Mika tries to shock Raiko, to no avail, either because Raiko's too much of The Stoic to be moved, or because she's perceptive enough to notice Mika coming. So what gets a reaction out of Raiko? It's Kamen kissing her on the cheek as seen above. Raiko's left in Stunned Silence, with a Luminescent Blush and Blank White Eyes for some time after Kamen and Mika leave, and only snaps out of it when Nobara proposes that Kamen may actually have a thing for Raiko.
  • Extra Scene B ends with Raiko accidentally locking herself and her parents out of the house.

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