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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • In the anime, Taromaru got along with Miki quite well during the first days in the mall's stockroom. The reason he avoids her in the early episodes is that Miki expressed her frustration over Kei leaving by yelling at him and he took it badly to the point running away from their shelter. However, Miki and the other girls may have missed each other entirely if it weren't for him. As mad as he was with her, he didn't want to leave without her and abandon her to a dangerous situation.
    • In episode 9, he remembers the bond between him, Miki and Kei and decides to fully forgive Miki and allow her to pet him, hug him and play with him again.
  • The anime's ending. Sure, the girls have to leave their safe-zone, and Taromarou tragically died from the infection while Megumi and Kei both died long before this point, but despite everything they've been through they still have each other, and the final scene ends on a bittersweet but optimistic note that maybe everything will be okay for them in the end. Also, unlike the manga's events, Yuuri didn't have a massive mental breakdown, and there's no indication in the anime that the cure used on Kurumi isn't permanent, so there's a chance that maybe things will go better for the girls in the anime's continuity.
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  • In Chapter 49, Shinou interrogates the School Living Club about Kougami's death, but once they tell her that they didn't kill him, she actually believes them and admits that she suspected they didn't do it. She apologizes for Kougami firing his crossbow at them earlier, and then completely disobeys her superiour's orders by letting the girls go. And upon being told about Yuuri's delusions, she even offers to go get "Ruu" while they make their escape.
  • In Chapter 52, Kurumi seems to cross the Despair Event Horizon, leaving behind her shovel and wandering off into the zombie-infested streets to wait for her infection to turn her. What brings her back out of this? Yuki, who went out looking for her, falls off a wall and attracts the attention of a bunch of zombies. Kurumi, who had just ignored her earlier verbal pleas to come back, immediately runs over to her friend, pins her to the ground, and shields her until the zombies lose interest. What follows is a heartfelt conversation where Kurumi confesses that she didn't want to leave, but couldn't risk endangering her friends when she turns someday, and Yuki convinces her that she owes it to her friends to not part with them any sooner than she absolutely has to.
  • A couple small moment at the beginning of Chapter 57:
    • In the previous chapter, Aosoi outed Kurumi as infected in front of the rest of the Circle. Despite that, Touko doesn't hesitate to shake Kurumi's hand when the School Living Club is about to leave and treats her just the same as always.
    • Shino, whom Rii had entrusted with Ruu so she could join her club on the trip, continues to play along with her delusion, even helping the teddy bear wave goodbye to her sister.
  • In Chapter 63, when the girls and Aosoi had to leave behind the Randall HQ, Aosoi creates a simplified version of the Bowmon AI for the girls to keep on their cellphones since Yuki was feeling sad about Bowmon becoming lonely.
  • In Chapter 68, the girls find out that the simplified Bowman AI conversing with them was a lie and that Aosoi was responding to them when the girls asked complex questions. Despite what her cold and harsh exterior implied, Aosoi did care about the girls enough to try to keep them hopeful of the future, even leaving them a clue for where a cure for the zombie infection could be found as the last memo in her cellphone before she zombified.
  • In Chapter 77:
    • Yuki after being narrowly saved from zombies by Yuuri's gunshot noises, sees visions of Megu-nee, Taroumaru, Kurumi, and Aosoi encouraging her through the school.
    • After finding a walkie-talkie by the corpse of a Randall soldier, Yuki begs for help from whoever could hear her to call off the bombs. This single act managed to convince some remainder of Randall employees to stop the bombs and rescue the girls, saving the entire world by convincing them there was a survivor out there that had proof a cure existed.