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Heartwarming / Red Storm Rising

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  • Edward's protection of Vigdis Agustdottir. Which starts with a CMOA where he kills some Soviet troops who were raping her after murdering her parents.
    • This makes a heartwarming moment from the other side all the more poignant later when a Soviet helicopter catches them off-guard while they're fishing. They pretend to simply be a local couple out fishing, and the Soviet pilot wistfully remarks that his father loves to fish. The pilot is also quietly happy to see that, amid all the madness of the war, an apparently happy couple can still enjoy themselves unaffected. When the helicopter turns to leave, a soldier riding in the back gives a friendly wave. It's a refreshingly human moment from the Soviets, especially given what other less-scrupulous Soviet troops had done to Vigdis earlier.
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  • An American stealth bomber pilot and his co-pilot are shot down behind enemy lines and try to make their way back to NATO forces. The two are eventually made by a squad of East German troops just as they were on the home stretch. However, instead of shooting the two on the spot, the German lieutenant in command embraces the pilot and gives the two directions back to NATO lines. Not wanting to push their luck, the two flyers don't ask questions. When they finally meet up with friendlies, they learn that the war had ended.
  • After a major reinforcement convoy makes it through to Le Havre, the American soldiers, who are mostly National Guardsmen who likely haven't been deployed outside the U.S. very much, get to meet the local people and view European culture. After a little while it's described that these men reach the same conclusion that their grandfathers did after D-Day: that the Europeans are Not So Different from Americans and are worthy of being defended. Even the French.
  • Edwards is recuperating in a ship's hospital when the Marine general in charge of retaking Iceland comes to visit him.
    "Well done, Marine!"
    "Sir, I'm Air Force."
    "Oh, yeah? Well, this here [Navy Cross] says you're a Marine."
    • That same Marine general shows up again later, when the crew of an Air Force C-9 object to bringing a civilian (Vigdis) with them, until;
    A two-star general of Marines explained over the radio that the Corps would take it as a personal matter if anyone took the lady away from the lieutenant's side.
  • After Chicago's attack run on the Kirov is screwed up and he has to blindfire his missiles and run for it, Cdr. McCafferty is initially furious at the friendly sub commander responsible. But, when he actually meets him, Cpt. Bjorn Johanneson of the Norwegian sub Kobben is so happy to meet the man who saved his crew's lives, however accidentally (by blowing up the destroyer trying to sink them), that McCafferty just can't stay angry at him.

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