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  • Ed Morris saving the frigate Pharris after she gets her bow blown off by a Soviet torpedo. Thanks to fast and decisive action on the part of himself and his crew, the critically damaged ship is able to stay afloat, get a tow and make it back to port in Boston. Morris doesn't think so himself, but everyone else around him, from his commanding admiral on down, thinks the feat is a Moment of Awesome well worth a medal and reassignment as captain of a top-of-the-line frigate tasked to help protect the most crucial convoy of the war.
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  • Alekseyev's impromptu command of 20th Tank Division's breakthrough. He takes command of a headless division not even an hour before the attack begins, leads them in a breakthrough of NATO lines, takes an APC to the front lines, and then personally calls down artillery on NATO tanks trying to stem the breakthrough. And then refuses to return to headquarters, even after nearly being killed by an airstrike, until CINC-West makes it an order.
  • The veteran Royal Marine sergeant expressing his doubts at the usefulness of an Air Force weather officer, only to be epically put in his place by one of the US Marines who had been following that weatherman all the way across Iceland.
    Sgt. Nichols: Does he know what he's about?
    Sgt. Smith: The skipper? I watched him kill three Russians with a knife. That good enough?
    Sgt. Nichols: ... bloody hell.
    • Sgt. Smith is deliberately neglecting to mention that one of the Russians in question was unarmed and tied to a chair at the time, although it does still certainly establish Lt. Edward's willingness to kill the enemy.
  • The civilian captain of the MV Julius Fucik will complete his mission. Even if his boat is missiled and strafed and he has been mortally wounded by a 20mm cannon shell, he will complete his mission, and not even a general of the elite Soviet Airborne can tell him otherwise.
    • The boat wasn't just strafed, the bridge was specifically targeted with 20mm Vulcan fire. He survived the explosion of over 600 high-explosive rounds
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    • Not to mention managing to put his ship through maneuvers that temporarily raise the waterline, so the missile ends up impacting well up on the freeboard.
  • Operation Dreamland: At the lose of 13 aircraft NATO air forces manage to destroy roughly 300+ of their Soviet counterparts as well as take out a sizable portion of their ground forces and their entire early warning radar system, ALL IN 27 MINUTES.
  • Major Sorokin's confrontation with Kosov:
    "For my little Svetlana," Sorokin said, "who died without a face."
  • NATO's opening attack involving the F-19 Ghostrider stealth fighter.
  • The "Time on Target" chapter, where submarines launch Tomahawks with a launch timed to destroy the "Backfire" forces as they are landing.


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