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Heartwarming / The Red Vixen Adventures

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  • Though later called out on her actions when she was the Red Vixen, in Captive Melanie works overtime to try and help Rolas and Salli, including finding and paying for the services of a human sexual assault counselor to get Salli the therapy she desperately needs.
  • Salli waking up to find Ali snuggled up to her, and deciding to simple go back to sleep rather than waking and upsetting the younger vixen.
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  • Later Melanie arranges to locate and transport Ali's new found surviving family members to Salli's colony world, whereupon they rush forward to greet Ali, grateful to find out she's alive.
  • When Melanie meets Dak, Rolas' male lover from his youth, she finds Dak very happy that Rolas moved on and found someone to marry.

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