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Awesome / The Red Vixen Adventures

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  • Captive of the Red Vixen
    • Rolas charging towards a sniper who just shot Lady Melanie, finding them with his Foxen sense of smell even though the shooter is hidden under an Invisibility Cloak.
    • Salli shedding the last of her Broken Bird persona, and publicly displaying the scars and artificial eye from her husband's abuse of her.

  • Shadow of the Red Vixen
    • Alinadar, repeatedly taking down multiple armed attackers at least a head taller than she is.
    • Salli, with no combat training, alone on a planet full of pirates, single-handedly rescuing Ali and keeping her alive long enough for them both to be rescued.

  • Shadow of Her Sins
    • Salli and Ali verbally delaying Bloody Margo until Ali's brother can get into position to stun her.

  • Shadow of Doubt

  • The Red Vixen at Sea

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