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Heartwarming / Rebecca

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  • Though it's also a Bittersweet Ending, the relationship between the narrator and Maxim after the events of the novel. Though they're in hiding, they're at least content.
  • Maxim's offer of marriage is the least possible, until it becomes clear to the reader that he is really attached to the heroine.
  • Beatrice's well-intentioned bluntness, and her happiness when seeing her brother happy.
  • The discovery of Maxim's real feelings for the heroine, and the certainty that he loves the heroine more than Rebecca. It gets even more heartwarming when you realize that the hero, terrified either because of fear or remorse, after a marriage to the charming, cruel and selfish Rebecca, met an Adorkable, genuinely in love Shrinking Violet and fell in love with her too.


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