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Heartwarming / My Dad the Rock Star

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  • Rock wearing a suit to a parent-teacher meeting to give off a good impression on Willy... even though wearing it is slowly killing him.
  • The fact that, even with all the annoyance their behavior can cause him, Willy is fully aware that his parents are Good Parents and bad mouthing them is one of his biggest Berserk Buttons, if not the biggest.
  • In "Blind Date" Rock's heartfelt tribute song to Crystal called "Crystal Clear"
    • Also in the same episode, Willy and Alyssa kissing.
  • After suffering a mid-life crisis and checking himself into a nursing home, Rock finds nothing but support from the staff and other residents, who help him overcome his fears of growing old and help him realize that he can still be "Rock Zilla", even as he ages. As thanks, he puts on a special performance called "Time Is On Your Side", with the residents and staff recruited to be his backup performers.

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