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Trivia / My Dad the Rock Star

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  • All-Star Cast: The Dutch dub is full of legit rock stars, Barry Hay as Rock being the most famous one, and other famous people from the entertainment biz (see here for a full list).
  • Creator-Chosen Casting: Lawrence Bayne was Gene Simmons' personal choice for the role of Rock Zilla.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Joanne Vannicola as the voice of Willy Zilla.note 
  • Relationship Voice Actor:
  • So My Kids Can Watch: Gene Simmons has said that he had always wanted to create a cartoon series with a loud rock star for his kids. The idea of the cartoon supposedly started off when Gene's son, Nick in his kindergarten days, brought in a picture of Gene drooling blood and spitting fire for a project of what his parents do.
  • What Could Have Been: Gene Simmons had made attempts to pitch a cartoon prior to this series. Originally, he had pitched a show about animated versions of KISS to Saban Entertainment, but nothing came out of it due to a fallout with Haim Saban.
    • Gene also tried to pitch something that involved KISS iconography more, but his bandmate Paul Stanley firmly nixed that because he worried about potential conflicts with the brand.
  • Write Who You Know: Gene Simmons based the Zillas on his own family. Rock is clearly an Author Avatar for himself, while Willy is based on his son Nick, Crystal is based on his wife Shannon Tweed (who, being Canadian, was able to help him pitch the series to Nelvana), and Serenity is based on his daughter Sophie.