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Em: Love hurts. Get used to it.

  • The Mysticons' friendship in general. They all come from different backgrounds, and even though it takes a while, they form a close bond.
    • If you watch later episodes, it's difficult to see who was friends with who at the start of the series. This is in contrast to the first episode, where they were still in their little groups at the end.

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    Episode 1: Sisters in Arms 
  • Zarya and Piper retrieve the dragon disk to free Choko. They really love their Team Pet.
    • Also, in the fight scene when they become Mysticons, Emerald protects Piper using her shield, even though Piper and Zarya wanted to steal the dragon disk.

    Episode 2: How to Train a Mysticon 
  • In Episode 2, knowing what Arkayna is going through, everyone, even Zarya, agrees to back her up, and considering every other episode that follows, they make sure to keep to their word, never abandoning her once.
    • What makes this even more heartwarming is that Zarya said at the beginning of the episode that she doesn't like trusting "mysterious, creepy authority figures". She is still willing to help Arkayna save her parents, even if it means working with people she finds objectionable.

    Episode 3: The Coronation 
  • Gawayne ultimately decides to offer the Mysticons the chance to go to the second coronation party after they rescue him from Kymraw and Dreadbane's minions. Well, most of them—he still doesn't invite Arkana.
    • Malvaron fixes Arkayna's wardrobe problem uy summoning a dress for her so she can enjoy the party while revealing he contacted the butler to stall Gawayne's ride so she won't be removed.

    Episode 5: An Eye for an Eye 
  • At the end, Arkayna is happy that Zarya is back to normal. It's a nice change, considering the fact that they did not get along in the first episode.
    • Also, the Mysticons just hanging around. It's a small one, but considering the fact that they started out as enemies (due to Zarya and Piper having to steal the dragon disk from the palace), it's nice to have them spending time together.
    • Also, part of Zarya's list is "people who pick on others". This shows that even though she acts tough, she still cares about those around her.

    Episode 6: Heart of Gold 
  • In episode 6, Emerald and her dad making amends after revealing her identity as Knight to him.
    • Emerald's mom is also a big source for heartwarming moments. She gave Arkayna a hope ring, and told Zarya and Piper that they are family now.
    • A small one, but when Emerald gets out of the cave after a rock almost crushed her, Arkayna gave her a hug. It's easy to forget about (being a second at most), but it shows that they're not afraid to show their friendship, even on missions.

    Episode 8: Lost and Found 
  • If the first part of Piper's nightmare is based on her memories, which is assumed to be true, then that means that Zarya (who was on the streets herself), was willing to take care of a girl she just met.
    • Despite Zarya getting kicked off the team in the Cliffhanger Downer Ending of the previous episode, when the Mysticons learn that she's missing, they're all willing to help find her.
    • Emerald tells Piper that her and Arkayna were there for Piper too.
    • What makes it better is that both Arkayna and Emerald were willing to find Zarya, and only abandoned it to get the codex piece back. It makes it clear that they don't want to replace Zarya, but want Piper to be alright.
    • The diamondback cave work mirroring Piper and Zarya. Piper sees Zarya as a big sister, and relates to the worm, who is separated from her family. In the end, the worm finds her sisters.
  • Necrafa and Dreadbane weren't just Queen and General, but lovers as well. If they weren't trying to conquer the Realm of Gemina, you'd almost hope that they'd be reunited.

    Episode 10: A Walk in the Park 
  • Zarya says that Em was the reason she's all right, and they shared a hug.
    Arkayna: You're all right!
    Zarya: All 'Cause of you, Em.
    • When Emerald blames herself for Zarya being cursed, Arkayna comforts her.
    • Malvaron believes that Nova Terron is right about destroying the codex, but when Nova Terron grabs Arkayna, Malvaron helped Arkayna get free and save her parents.

  • Zarya reveals in "Skies of Fire" that Kitty could have escaped when pirates raided her village, but decided to stay to protect Zarya.
    • What makes this even more heartwarming is that when Kitty was telling Mysticon Ranger (Not knowing that she's Zarya) about it, she didn't mention staying to protect her best friend. This suggests that she sees it as they all were captured, not her staying to protect someone.
  • Piper comforting Emerald when Kasey is injured, and Arkayna left to save her parents.
    • Also, in that episode, Piper's response when Zarya told Piper not to worry and that she got her was "Do I look worried?". She is confident that Zarya will save her.
  • Zarya telling Emerald that letting herself express her anger is healthy, and when Arkayna doesn't realize that Emerald is trying to say something, Zarya tells Emerald to let it out, giving Emerald the chance to tell Arkayna about the Vex-Away canister.
  • When Zarya says that she's freaking out because Captain Kaos is ruining her life again, Emerald and Arkayna promise that they won't let that happen.
  • Proxima and Arkayna bonding in "Star-Crossed Sisters". Considering how they acted towards each other when they first met, it was nice to see them bond.
    • At the end, Arkayna asks if she still has mixed feelings about her. Proxima says yes, and then they hug.
  • In the episode "Edge of Two Morrows", after Piper realizes that her wish worked, she goes not want to go to the palace and risk becoming a mysticon again. Zarya goes by herself, but then Piper remembers the window breaking and goes to save her.
    • Also, her stopping Queen Goodfey from going to the throne room, which protected her from Dreadbane.
    • Also, Emerald agrees to help Piper after being convinced that Piper's from an alternate timeline, and then her coming back after leaving, believing that she's not a hero.
    • Arkayna hugging her stepdad, who was turned to stone first. This suggests that she loves her stepfather, which considering she mainly focuses on her mom, is nice.
  • Arkayna telling Zarya that she loves her.
    • Also, Zarya's happiness after learning that she's Arkayna's twin. After all she's been through, it's nice to see her enjoy being completely happy about something.
    • In the same episode, when Arkayna mentions sisters when telling Dreadbane that he has to fight for things you love, it shows both Proxima and Zarya, showing that she considers both of them her sisters.
  • This heartwarming line Malvaron said to Doug.
    Malvaron: Hey, I love you, man. Tazma may be my big sis, but you'll always be me bro.
    • Malvaron telling Tazma that he looks up to her.
    • Also, when Malvaron escapes Necrafa's lair (after going in there to get Tazma out of there), Nova Terron hugs him. Malvaron seems to find it weird, but it's nice when considering how Nova Terron was shown at the beginning of the series.
  • In "Save the Date", Arkayna tells them not to say that she was wrong to use the potion, because she already knows. Zarya, who would have normally had something snarky to say, promises her that they'd find Malvaron.
  • In "The Lost Sceptre", we learn that Arkayna writes letters to her mom. She offers for Zarya to do so, who does at the end.
    • Also, Gawayne fixing the picture he broke of Zarya and Kitty. Considering that Gawayne is usually self-centred, seeing him making it right is sweet.
    • If you look at the clip that shows Zarya's pictures, there's also a picture of Piper, and another one of Arkayna and Emerald.
  • Emerald's mom allowing Emerald to continue being a mysticon in "Total Eclipse of the Golden Heart"
    Mrs. Goldenbraid: Oh, I'll always worry, but now I can worry a bit less. Your friends were right. You are a true hero.
  • In "The Foz who saved lotus night", Zarya tells Arkayna that she didn't get her a gift on time. Arkayna's response is heartwarming.
    Arkayna: Please. The only gift that matters is that I get to spend tonight with my sister and my BFF's!
    • Also in that episode, instead of taking Deeva to the dungeon, they bring her to the stronghold so Deeva can celebrate lotus night with them.
    • A large part of the episode is Em helping Zarya create a special conditioner, and Arkayna and Piper are shopping for a gift for Zarya, as the gift she ordered didn't come.
    • Arkayna saying that she wants the lotus night to be perfect for Zarya, as this is the first one they have as sisters.
  • Emerald's parents, Arkayna, and Zarya cheering Emerald up at the end of "Heart of Stone", when Eartha decided to rejoin her sisters instead of receiving the good heart Emerald made for her.
    Arkayna Em, you're an amazing person, and I think Eartha saw that. You changed her for the better.
    Emerald You really think so?
    Zarya Hey, we know so. You have a heart of gold, you little rock-rat.
    • What makes this even more heartwarming is that Eartha did turn good in the series finale, suggesting that she did change Eartha
  • Zarya and Kitty confessing their love for each other before Kitty leaves to defend the realm from extra-dimensional threats after she's made admiral, with Choko chittering happily as he watches.
  • Proxima being freed from the mask's control and reconciling with Arkayna and the others in "Eternal Starshine of the Mage's Mind"
    • Also, Malvaron telling Tazma that he doesn't hate her.
  • Arkayna and Zarya's mom and stepdad finally being revived.
  • Eartha making a Heel–Face Turn, and the Mysticons defending her when the Vexicons call her the weakest link.
  • Proxima finally getting a lucky break when Nova Terron steps down to travel the cosmoverse with Auntie Yaga and she is promoted to his position. The look on Proxima's face shows how much it means to her.
  • Zarya referring to the other mysticons as her sisters in the epilogue.
  • A small one, but when the mysticons defeat the spectral dragon, Em runs to her family and hugs them.
    • Also, Queen Goodfey apologizes to Arkayna for not thinking of how Arkayna feels and hugs both her daughters, and Piper celebrates with Doug.

    From the Chapter books 
  • Arkayna and Zarya's talk in The Stolen Magic after the argument about Arkyana not trusting her.
    • Also, when Zarya goes on the mission to defeat Dreadbane, Arkayna wants to tell Zarya to be careful, but holds back, knowing that Zarya felt that Arkayna thought she can't take care of herself without magic, and telling Zarya to be careful would make it worse.


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