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magico might just be one of the cutest manga written ever, and these are just some of the Squee-tastic moments to be enjoyed in this manga.

  • The very first chapter reveals that Shion basically became one of the strongest mages in the world just so he could rid Emma of the Echidna. And all because a young Emma gave young Shion some bread (which is actually more heartwarming than it sounds)!
    • To explain, Shion had basically just been left to die. When he's on his last legs, he stumbles across the huge thorn bush where Emma is. Emma, being the kind girl that she is, doesn't hesitate to give the boy some bread, even when the gigantic thorny vines are forcing her away, injuring her. And yet, she wants to help this boy she doesn't even know. And now he's doing everything he can to repay the favor.
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  • Second chapter: Kiss of Oath. Moe levels through the roof.
    Emma: "Thank you... for the kiss."
  • Shion saying that burning a billion Ren is a low price to pay for Emma.
  • Shion's Hero with Bad Publicity schtick.
  • Shion, Anise, Emma and Luu being one happy "family".
  • Emma gives Shion a present. Shion being Shion he remarks that he should give her a present in return. But Emma replies that Shion has already given her a gift: the whistle Shion gave her so that she'd be able to summon Shion anytime. She basically says that Shion being there for her was enough.
  • After Lily uses her healing magic on Emma, Shion immediately kneels on the floor and thanks her.
    • Which Rogue points out to be unnecessary, since Shion did rescue them beforehand.
    • In the same chapter it's shown that Luu didn't leave Emma's side so that she would be able to protect her, in fulfillment of her promise to Shion.
  • This. Then look at this.
  • Chapter 26: In the contest they were participating in, Shion and Emma realize in the Couple's Q and A portion that they know practically nothing about each other due to having spent all their time accomplishing Magico. While a somewhat sad moment, the squee comes when Emma reassures Shion that while this was a huge obstacle, they would simply have to try harder:
    Shion: That's right... If we don't know anything about each other... then we can simply try to learn more.
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  • Turns out that Rosetta and Joshua eloped! Rosetta's former husband is understandably not amused... and he happens to be a king, and he's sent numerous pursuers for them. When the audience finds out about this, they start to panic, but Joshua tells them that he already killed most of their pursuers, and that even if those pursuers still managed to get there, they wouldn't be able to do anything, because:
    Joshua: I will protect the woman I love.
  • Emma in chapter 28 remains loyal to Shion even after discovering his terrible past and after being told that Shion's attempts to help her may be nothing more than his efforts to atone for it. The test proctor fairy is so impressed by her true love that he lets her pass even though she actually failed.
    • She shows just how devoted she is to Shion when she reveals she's the Echidna so she can save Shion.
  • Shion rejects his brother, signifying he's ready to face his fears regarding his past to chase his dream of living happily with Emma.
  • Luu says she doesn't want anything for Christmas 'cause she already got what she wanted the most — a family.
    • And Anise still gives her (and Emaa and Shion) a present anyway!
  • Shion offering Juubee and his family a home.
  • Chapter 47: Shion saves his brother Faust from the ritual that turned him into an abomination, and tells him that he is now free to seek true happiness.
    • And note that the magic Shion used in that battle made him lose his memories, the somewhat sad effects of this being shown in later chapters.
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  • In chapter 51, Emma kissing Shion as their new "first memory" together, after Shion lost all his memories of their time together.
  • Chapter 56 Special: A closer look at the relationship that Faust and Ain have.
  • Chapter 58: Faust of all people gives Shion a magical ring that lets him use his ultimate Broom magic without losing his memories. Faust had to give up some of his already few happy memories to make the ring.
  • Chapter 65.5 After EVERYONE forgot EVERYTHING that ever happened in the manga, the image of Shion, Luu and Anise finally reuniting with Emma counts as a double Heartwarming Moment, specially after the Downer Ending the manga appeared to have given us

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