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Heartwarming / Liar Liar

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  • The ending, except the bit about THE CLAW. That bit's more like a CMOF.
  • "I really wanted to see Max today! ...How 'bout that, I really do..."
  • Jerry is a genuinely nice person, who is clearly head over heels for Audrey and adores Max as if he were his own son. He's even nice to Fletcher, despite the circumstances. He even tries to imitate 'The Claw' to try and cheer Max up.
  • A bit of Fridge Heartwarming: When Greta quits on Fletcher, he begs her not to leave and finishes off with "I'll give you the raise!" Since the truth curse is active, he really was going to give her the raise.
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  • Granted remembering Max's birthday and getting him a gift is part of her job, it's still very sweet that Greta goes above and beyond to make sure Max has a gift that he'll adore.

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