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Tear Jerker / Liar Liar

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  • The scene where Max explains why he made the wish that negated Fletcher's ability to lie: "But, you're the only one that makes me feel bad". The look on Fletcher's face after he hears that is no doubt painful to any parent who's ever lied to their child and irreversibly damaged the relationship. Max is insincere in undoing the wish because he was tired of being hurt by his father's lies, like Max was during his birthday, and refuses to be sincere in undoing it, even after Fletcher begs him and tells Max what's at stake, only because he doesn't want Fletcher to lie to him again.
  • At one point, Fletcher is arguing with his ex-wife and discovers that he can't lie even to himself:
    Fletcher: "Well let me tell you something: I'm a bad father! beat ...I mean...I'm a bad father..."
    • Fletcher sounds so heartbroken at this revelation that even Audrey feels bad for him and tells him that he isn't a bad father...when he's around.
    • The worst part is the movie clearly demonstrated that he can't say something he doesn't believe to be true (the "holding your pee damages your bladder" claim). He blurts out this line and realizes that he believes himself to be a terrible father, and even worse, that is he is a terrible father. The devastation this inflicts on him drives him for the final act.
  • Near the end of the movie, after the case ends and it slowly begins to sink in to Fletcher just what he's been doing, he has a breakdown/epiphany guaranteed to bring tears to a watcher's eyes, if for no other reason than this line:
    Fletcher Reede: "I HOLD MYSELF IN CONTEMPT!! Why should you be any different?!"
    • Immediately preceding this is the cause of Fletcher's epiphany. Having won the case for Mrs. Cole, he realizes that Mrs. Cole won't be content with half of her husband's estate, but wants full custody of the children, just so he'll have to pay her child support. When Fletcher sees Mr. Cole's children run over to him, desperate to not lose their father forever, he probably sees a little of himself in Mr. Cole.

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