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Heartwarming / Land of the Lustrous

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Ventricosus being moved by Phos' selflessness. She stops trying to use Phos as a bargaining chip and decides to just run away with her brother, even giving the gem a hug as she makes up her mind.
  • Sensei praising Bort for taking care of the Lunarians while he slept causes the gem to blush and, in the anime, actually smile..
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  • After Diamond manages to defeat Shiro in Chapter 25, they share an intimate moment with Bort of all people, both admitting that separating was for the better and that they can actually look at each other as equals.
    Dia: When you're far away like this, I can look at you more fondly.
    Bort: (touches Dia's face tenderly) So can I.
  • Shiro reuniting with Sensei and finally managing to pass on after what were probably thousands and thousands of years. And he gives Sensei one last lick before disappearing.
    Phos: Is it returning to the Moon?
    Sensei: No. It would seem it has finally found peace.
  • The "Yearly Tradition" between Antarcticite and Sensei.
  • In Chapter 39, "Self Blame", Cairngorm, who had previously been a complete jerk to Phos —albeit with good reason— manages to get them out of their mental breakdown. Cairngorm tells Phos that they can count on them during the times of pain.
  • Chapter 51:
    • Phos' resolution: No matter what, just like at the beginning of the story, they still love Sensei. And it's made pretty clear that despite their recent differences, Kongou loves Phos too.
    • In the same chapter, Phos remembering Ventricosus and the reveal that she died regretting the way she betrayed him back then in the ocean are both pretty heartwarming moments.
    • Variegatus telling Phos that she plans to save everyone that is on the Moon.
  • The reason for the Gems' white powder covering is quite adorable: Red Diamond, the very first Gem Sensei took care of, asks him why they look so different if they're similar. When Sensei points out that RD's natural color made his skin come out the way it did, the young Gem asks him to have him look the same. And thus, they make white powder to cover him up.
  • After Kongo-sensei comes as clean as he's able to the Gems who remained on Earth, it marks a much more open and equal relationship between him and the Gems. Much of the formality between them falls away, and Kongo is even given an Affectionate Nickname, Kon-chan, or Adamie, for translations that call him Adamant.
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  • The inside flap for Volume 9 has one in hindsight; where Cinnabar would usually be depicted separate from everyone else, the gem is shown here standing by Bort. At least they're not alone anymore.
  • Cairngorm, despite everything, was the only one of the Gems who genuinely came to visit Phos after the Night Raid.
  • It took him over 220 years, but after the Gems shattered Phos, Adamant-Sensei searched for Phos's separated pieces and put them back together.
  • Chapter 80: Despite all the Lunarians have done over the course of the series, seeing them get excited for their final hours on the Moon is a little heartwarming, at least for those who we've gotten to know.
  • In a moment that crosses over with Tear Jerker, in chapter 81 Padparadscha's first thought upon waking up is for Phosphophyllite, and when Sensei's prayer fails they immediately set off for the Earth despite being so weak they need help from nuGoshe to even stand. When they see Rutile about to smash Phos, they rip out a piece of their own chest to distract Rutile long enough for Cicada to rescue Phos.
  • Chapter 82: Phos finally realizes that, despite everything the gem has done to their former mentor, Adamant still loves them.
  • In Chapter 83, we finally get a glimpse of Cinnabar's point of view. The other Lustrous are more than happy to put the Gem in the group, encouraging them to cheer on the Gems breaking up ice floes and waving adorably at each other. Sensei is even relieved to see Cinnabar this happy for the first time in centuries.
    • Also from chapter 83, we have the Earth Gems reminiscing about their lost recent partners on the Moon.
  • Chapter 85 shows the Earth gems enjoying springtime, and throwing Adamant a birthday party. It's an infectiously peaceful moment for all the gems there, just before things go south...
    • If you look closely, one can see Peridot fashioning a flower crown for Cinnabar out of wood. It's another small thing that indicates they Gems are on good terms with Cinnabar, like with Winter bed they made for the Gem.
  • Chapter 87: As Alex is crushing the other gems, Benito suddenly appears to their former partner, Neptunite, and pulls Alex's head off, telling Nepti to run for it. They are the only Gem to turn against the Moon gems and try to help their former friends.
  • In a tragic way, Cinnabar's confrontation with Phos. The beginning of the fight shows Cinnabar still treasured Phos' early determination to help them, and by the end the former thanks the latter for "the promise", finding a (fun) job that only Cinnabar could do (which was accomplished by the Gems eventually accepting Cinnabar into the fold). And it's these words that finally make Phos start thinking about their original mission again.
  • For what it's worth, after more than half the manga without seeing them, Antarcticite waking up and giving Sensei the biggest hug they could manage is sweet. That the first thing they ask is how Phos is doing also makes this nice.


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