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Heartwarming / Laid-Back Camp

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  • Rin's Establishing Character Moment involves her checking up on a sleeping Nadeshiko, and later sharing her food and letting Nadeshiko use Rin's cell phone to call home, even though Rin doesn't even know her. Rin may be a bit of a loner, but she's also a caring person.
  • After Nadeshiko gets a part-time job, she uses part of her salary to surprise her sister with a reusable heating pack, having remembered that Sakura is the one who uses them the most.
    Sakura: (smiling after noticing the gift) And here she said she was gonna use that money for camping. She really outdid herself.
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  • When Toba hears about Chiaki, Aoi and Ena's winter camping trip from Rin, she sets out to check up on them, calmly lecturing them to do adequate preparation and run their plans by her in advance. For someone who initially didn't want the job because it'd cut into her drinking time, Toba really has come to care about her students.

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